Banor is a creation of all the gods of good. He was the first human.

Banor was married to Kirana and became the father of one daughter: Elane, who quickly became a master in the art of both distance fighting and the art of magic arcana, which made her the first of noble paladins.

Banor was also responsible for leading the humans during many hardships and ordeals that were a plan of the gods to strengthen their very race. Among the things Banor did, the fortification of Ankrahmun was the most important, and gave a glimpse of hope for the humans who were being more and more surrounded by the treacherous orcish hordes raiding the south western coastline and the undead attacking from the north, in the extenuing battle that ensued across Kha'labal a scorching desert.

Banor is also one of the humans that have created a bridge between the fearsome Djinns and the humans, along with the pilgrim known as Daraman.

During the battle against Ankrahmun the Kha'labal became the desert it is now through a cataclysmic firestorm unleashed by the Efreet. After they found their former home becoming a wasteland Banor and most of the surviving humans started to find a new home.

Its known through the genesis that the Thaian kings are direct descendants of Banor. So it looks as if Banor has visited the mainland after he has left Darama, possibly founded Thais too.

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