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So the seven were banished to the depths of seven cursed tombs. There they are waiting, imprisoned for eternity.
One was buried outside the city in the shadows of the south-eastern tower, close to the pharaoh yet forever banished from his grace.
One was buried in the ancient ruins far to the north, a tribute to her love for all that is old.
One was buried at the tar pits. Blackness engulfed his withering heart, and blackness shall engulf his final demise.
One was buried in the fields of stone. His will was as hard as a rock, so lifeless stone will cause his fall.
One was buried near the Mountain, between its eternal body and a small stony hill, so that his rest may be eternal and unrelenting like the mountain he loved so much.
One was buried somewhere on the peninsula to the south, so that his restless slumber might be soothed by the murmuring of the waves.
One was buried not far to the north of the oasis. He was the one who found it most difficult to part from this world.
The sands of the desert swallowed them all and sealed their fate. They are lost and yet they are denied the peace of true death.
This is the fate of those who draw the wrath of the pharaoh on themselves.