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Azura was merged along with Danubia and Galana into a new world Efidia on November 10, 2014.


  • Azura is taken from the word azure, which means blue.

Additional Information

  • Generally Azura is in war at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • There are low prices which is good for newcomers to get a decent equipment at lower levels.


  • Due to the low prices you often have to sell your loot for djinn/rashid prices.
  • Low amount of players online and therefore a bad respawn.
  • Although Azura is an empty server, its often difficult to find a hunting place since power abusing is still present

Additional Info

  • The first character to Level 100 was Sossar, also Founder of the leading guild Wanted . Later at Level 108 Sossar got hacked and killed down to level 20. After this he deleted his character and moved on to another server.
  • The first character to Level 150 was Sandra Magnus.
  • The first character to Level 200 was Urbexx.
  • The first character to Level 250 was Urbexx, however, he moved to Kyra.

Azura Rares

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