You see Azalea
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  • Flowers to liven up your house!
  • Healing for your wounds and cures for your curses!
  • Teaching fellow druids!


The temple in Upper Rathleton


She can heal you up to 65 hp and can also remove any harmful Status Conditions.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy anything.


Exotic Flowers.gifExotic Flowers300 Gold
Flower Bowl.gifFlower Bowl6 Gold
God Flowers.gifGod Flowers5 Gold
Honey Flower.gifHoney Flower5 Gold
Indoor Plant Kit.gifIndoor Plant Kit8 Gold
Potted Flower.gifPotted Flower5 Gold
SpellVoc.Req. LevelPrice
Animate Dead.gifAnimate DeadDruids271,200 Gold
Apprentice's Strike.gifApprentice's StrikeDruids80 Gold
Avalanche.gifAvalancheDruids301,200 Gold
Cancel Magic Shield.gifCancel Magic ShieldDruids14450 Gold
Chameleon.gifChameleonDruids271,300 Gold
Chill Out.gifChill OutDruids10 Gold
Convince Creature.gifConvince CreatureDruids16800 Gold
Creature Illusion.gifCreature IllusionDruids231,000 Gold
Cure Bleeding.gifCure BleedingDruids452,500 Gold
Cure Burning.gifCure BurningDruids302,000 Gold
Cure Electrification.gifCure ElectrificationDruids221,000 Gold
Cure Poison.gifCure PoisonDruids10150 Gold
Cure Poison Rune.gifCure Poison RuneDruids15600 Gold
Destroy Field.gifDestroy FieldDruids17700 Gold
Disintegrate.gifDisintegrateDruids21900 Gold
Energy Field.gifEnergy FieldDruids18700 Gold
Energy Strike.gifEnergy StrikeDruids12800 Gold
Energy Wall.gifEnergy WallDruids412,500 Gold
Envenom.gifEnvenomDruids506,000 Gold
Explosion.gifExplosionDruids311,800 Gold
Find Fiend.gifFind FiendDruids251,000 Gold
Find Person.gifFind PersonDruids880 Gold
Fire Bomb.gifFire BombDruids271,500 Gold
Fire Field.gifFire FieldDruids15500 Gold
Fire Wall.gifFire WallDruids332,000 Gold
Flame Strike.gifFlame StrikeDruids14800 Gold
Food (Spell).gifFood (Spell)Druids14300 Gold
Great Light.gifGreat LightDruids13500 Gold
Haste.gifHasteDruids14600 Gold
Heal Friend.gifHeal FriendDruids18800 Gold
Heavy Magic Missile.gifHeavy Magic MissileDruids251,500 Gold
Ice Strike.gifIce StrikeDruids15800 Gold
Ice Wave.gifIce WaveDruids18850 Gold
Icicle.gifIcicleDruids281,700 Gold
Intense Healing.gifIntense HealingDruids20350 Gold
Intense Healing Rune.gifIntense Healing RuneDruids15600 Gold
Invisible.gifInvisibleDruids352,000 Gold
Levitate.gifLevitateDruids12500 Gold
Light.gifLightDruids80 Gold
Light Healing.gifLight HealingDruids80 Gold
Light Magic Missile.gifLight Magic MissileDruids15500 Gold
Magic Patch.gifMagic PatchDruids10 Gold
Magic Rope.gifMagic RopeDruids9200 Gold
Magic Shield.gifMagic ShieldDruids14450 Gold
Mass Healing.gifMass HealingDruids362,200 Gold
Mud Attack.gifMud AttackDruids10 Gold
Nature's Embrace.gifNature's EmbraceDruids300500,000 Gold
Paralyse.gifParalyseDruids541,900 Gold
Physical Strike.gifPhysical StrikeDruids16800 Gold
Poison Bomb.gifPoison BombDruids251,000 Gold
Poison Field.gifPoison FieldDruids14300 Gold
Poison Wall.gifPoison WallDruids291,600 Gold
Restoration.gifRestorationDruids300500,000 Gold
Soulfire.gifSoulfireDruids271,800 Gold
Stalagmite.gifStalagmiteDruids241,400 Gold
Stone Shower.gifStone ShowerDruids281,100 Gold
Strong Haste.gifStrong HasteDruids201,300 Gold
Strong Ice Strike.gifStrong Ice StrikeDruids806,000 Gold
Strong Ice Wave.gifStrong Ice WaveDruids407,500 Gold
Strong Terra Strike.gifStrong Terra StrikeDruids706,000 Gold
Summon Creature.gifSummon CreatureDruids252,000 Gold
Summon Druid Familiar.gifSummon Druid FamiliarDruids20050,000 Gold
Terra Strike.gifTerra StrikeDruids13800 Gold
Terra Wave.gifTerra WaveDruids382,500 Gold
Ultimate Healing.gifUltimate HealingDruids301,000 Gold
Ultimate Healing Rune.gifUltimate Healing RuneDruids241,500 Gold
Ultimate Light.gifUltimate LightDruids261,600 Gold