Autumn Patch Tree

Autumn Updates, also known as Autumn Patches, usually implement minor changes or technical improvements.

Version Name Release Date Summary Changes


Autumn Patch 2009

World Transfer

November 5, 2009

This update renamed pvp types and made some adjustments to them, as well as adding the war system and world transfers.

  • The War System was introduced, a way for guilds to have wars even in worlds without PvP enabled.
  • PvP types were renamed and received some adjustments.
  • Character World Transfers were added, allowing a player to transfer their character to a different world.
  • Characters can only leave Rookgaard at level 8 or 9.



Autumn Patch 2010


September 22, 2010

This patch focused on adding new PvP features.

  • New PvP features were introduced:
    • Assisted Kill: If you help to trap a person or paralyze another player who dies, this will be counted as an assisted kill. It will be displayed in your kills list as well as in the victim's character death list, but it will not have any effects on any skull limits.
    • Fair Fight Rules: If you get killed and at least 40% of the damage dealt within the last 60 seconds came through PvP damage, the death penalty on level and skills will be reduced according to a certain formula.
    • PvP-Blessing: This blessing can be bought at any temple NPC and costs the same as a regular blessing. If you are killed while having this blessing and at least 40% of the damage dealt within the last 60 seconds came through PvP damage, you will not lose your regular blessings and its AOL. Does not count for red or black skulled players.
    • Revenge Skull: For 7 days after an unjustified death, the victim sees an orange skull whenever they meet their killer or killers. This means that he can attack and kill the player character marked with an orange skull justifiably. Yet, he will still receive a PZ block and a yellow skull for attacking an orange skull.
    • Swapping Position If Trapped: If you receive PvP damage and are unable to move to any of the squares around you because of a trap, you will get the ability to swap position with your trappers, under certain circumstances.
    • PvP Stairhopping Delay: After changing floors, for example by going up or down ladders, you will be able to attack other player characters within the first 2 seconds, but only with single directed attacks.
    • PZ On Demand Fix: If there is a stack with player characters in it, all player characters will be displayed on the battle list regardless of their position in a stack. On Open and Hardcore PvP, all player characters even deep down in a stack can perform all actions.
  • Many achievements were introduced for completing outfit and addons quests.



Autumn Patch 2011

Ornamented Brooch

September 27, 2011

Update of the Grizzly Adams tasks, more Achievements, some new hunting places and other minor changes.

  • The level restriction for the Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest was removed.
  • The Doll (Dread) was changed to A Fan Doll of Queen Eloise, created new items for dread doll and replaced it in the Thais exhibition.
  • Cockroaches can no longer be summoned or convinced.
  • Spectral Scum changed to be less annoying. Less speed, less often and weaker drunkenness, keeps distance and now a scumbag can always be used to vanish them, even if 5 have been already caught.
  • New hunting grounds added and some expanded.
  • Fixed typo for object Toxic Tulip.
  • Fixed sprite and mask for the Female Elementalist outfit.
  • The Horse Station World Change has been adjusted so that more wild horses will appear when the horses escape.
  • A Gate of Expertise was placed beneath Razachai to restrict the Wrath of the Emperor Quest to players of level 80 or higher.
  • Grizzly Adams' Paw and Fur Quest is revamped. There are now 100 total points and the points for each task vary with difficulty and availability.
    • There are new tasks for level ranges: 0-49, 50-79, 80-129, and 130+
    • There are new creature tasks and new bosses (listed below)
    • Now up to three tasks in a level range can be worked on at the same time
    • Paw and Fur Tasks can be repeated up three times for all ranges below 130, and the 130+ tasks can repeated infinitely (no limit)
    • You can advance only one rank per range, except players in the 0-49 range can advance two ranks
  • The improved number of tasks also comes with additional spawns of task monsters and some new hunting grounds.



Autumn Patch 2012


October 10, 2012

A reform in the way of how punishments for rule violations affect player's accounts, globalizing the Inbox, minor changes to flash client & offline training in bed.

  • The criminal record was revamped with the implementation of the conduct level.
  • Instead of having a separate Inbox for every city, all players have a global inbox that can be accessed from every depot.
  • It is now possible to offline train when sleeping on a Bed.
  • The text for the achievement "Berry Picker" has been adjusted slightly: "The Combined Magical Winterberry Society hereby honours continued selfless dedication and extraordinary efforts in the Annual Autumn Vintage."
  • Several typos, market flags and warning messages have been fixed.