Not to be confused with Aurea.

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Basic info

  • The name of Aurera along with its German counterpart Aurora were chosen by the community in a poll.

Aurera is a Preview Game World, meaning it has new features that regular gameworlds do not yet have, but also involves more risk as bugs are more likely during the testing phase.

It is permanently locked from world transfers.


  • First level 100 on this server was Wazenix  .
  • First level 200 on this server was Reasten .
  • First level 300 on this server was Reasten .
  • First to complete Demon Oak was Moymoyi

War status

The guild Neverlet is currently at war with Sensations. 

Additional Information

Morgaroth spawned on the 4th of September, 2013. The guild Dream Seth defeated the boss. The loot was a Molten Plate , a Dragon Robe , an Obsidian Truncheon , the Devil Eye and some small stackables. The guild in control currently is Strangers after beating back Dream Eaters to Mortera. Dream still remains in the guild Dream Fusion however and Strangers made a new guild specifically to war them.