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  • Aurea is a latin word that means gold
  • Advantages: If you want a server with war, here it is.
  • Disadvantages: This world has almost never been free of war.

Additional Info

  • The first level 100 on Aurea was Sarandi. He's been hacked and downgraded now though.
  • Highest leveled player(s) on Aurea: Lagurus at level 200.
  • The first level 200 on Aurea was Lagurus at Jan 19th 2008.
  • Highest leveled player(s) on Rookgaard: Rihekel at level 57.
  • At the moment the main war taking place on the lands of Aurea is between the Riders of Morag, the Clown Control vs. the Inmates, the Last Breath, the Divinus Exercitus, the Shottas and other minor guilds. click here For war stats thread.
Watch forum to see other wars on this server.
  • The server is famous for being a semi-old server and had there first level 200 character after 3,5 years (Jan 19th 2008), which probably has to do with the wars that have been on Aurea since it's start.
  • Aurea's probably most known character is Liam darkcrosser, also known as the "one man army," "war god" and such. He was deleted 26 October 2006 due to account sharing. The truth is that he was hacked and the hacker handed in letters in which he had admitted sharing to gamemasters.
  • Made PoI Quest for the first time the 28th of April 2007.

External links

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