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Aurea was merged along with Elysia and Valoria into the new world Zeluna on May 2, 2016.

General Information

  • Aureas first level 100 was Fast Molt.
  • Aurea is a Latin word, that means gold.
  • Server is ruled by Application. Leader Pedrão own this server.
  • Online record is 904 players (on Sep 11 2005, 20:25:30 CEST)
  • 89.6% of the users online is using illegal software to level up/war on this world.
  • Do not attempt to speak English to anyone from Application , it is not possible, and you probably get hunted.
  • Aurea's most known character is probably Liam Darkcrosser , also known as the "one man army," "war god" and such. He was deleted on the 26th of October 2006 due to account sharing. The truth is that he was hacked and the hacker handed in letters in which he admitted sharing to gamemasters.

  • <p class="MsoNormal">Aurea's Rank #2, Therrax was hacked and killed down from level 230 to 8.

  • Made The Pits of Inferno Quest for the first time the 28th of April 2007. To make this quest, guilds currentlly warring against each other had to team up to make the quest together. Some of the guilds' names were: "FaG", "RoM" and The Pirates. Those three guilds went to history and should now be called legends.

  • <p class="MsoNormal">After transfer PT (Portugal Team) this legendary server has become to non-pvp server (they won't accept war mode because of "blablabla").

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Golden Goblet

DarqueelLevel 370, Elite Knight
Silver GobletBumboLevel 364, Elite Knight
Bronze GobletDomisio SparrowLevel 362, Elite Knight

Solar Axe

AxeVagner Down107
The StomperClubSalox De'Sade106
The DevileyeDistance

Will The Brave

Claw of &#039;The Noxious Spawn&#039;FistHaruj86
Emerald SwordSwordDomisio Sparrow111
Rainbow ShieldShieldingDomisio Sparrow106
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicJeffz Smith92
Mechanical Fishing RodFishing

Wanda Mosketao

GamemasterAchievementsAntologic Knight526

Highest level by vocation


Knight   Guh Nervous




Xodet&#039;s First Wand
Snakebite Rod
DruidJeffz Smith333

Rare items on Aurea


  • Ferumbras - Ferumbras has visited this world 5 times, 2 was killed.
  • Morgaroth - Morgaroth has visited this world 1 time and killed.
  • Orshabaal - Orshabaal visited this world 4 times, all was killed.
  • Ghazbaran - Ghazbaran visited this world 4 times and killed 2 time.

General Information


  • Aurea is a server known for it's many wars, so if you believe you have good PvP skills, and wish to test your mettle, then you should move there to try to survive.
  • As a neutral you usually get power abused by the ruling guilds, keep in mind that you're probably not welcome.
  • <p class="MsoNormal">There are some neutral guilds that do not wish to participate in the wars, so if you are a peaceful player, you should be looking into joining one of those, because some of the warring factions respect other guild's neutrality, but not single individuals.

  • If you're Brazilian or American, you should try Aurea, because normally when it's 9:00 PM in America, in Europe it is 1:00 AM and thus, not many are online.


  • Do not go to Carlin unless you want to get killed, the guild Independent is ruling that city.
  • A lot of botters, which are usually protected by higher levels.
  • Don't trust players like Anzor , Don Demko and Demolicius they are known to PA other for their own advantages.
  • <p class="MsoNormal">Because of the many wars on Aurea, Power-Abusing is commonplace because the warring factions want their friends to get levels fast, so expect to meet people threatening you with well-known names that are active in the war. More often than not, you will actually get power abused by these high levels

  • If you are a player looking for a server like Antica, with player controlled cities, you're in the wrong town baby, here you'll find player controlled hunting grounds.
  • <p class="MsoNormal">Players like Trexiiko And Flowah are hosting Pits of Inferno Quest but instead of being the "cleaning team" they are cleaning "the" team. Meaning; they take your money and kill you. - That's why no one will join their service.

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