You see Asrak
NPC Bubble D
  • Mooh! Tah!


4 floors below Venore depot, east side.


Asrak the Ironhoof is the overseer of the Fighting Pits and the trainer of gladiators. He knows a lot about Mooh'Tah - a way to achieve perfection as warrior. Asrak teaches spells to Knights and Paladins.


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Player: hi
Asrak: I welcome you, Player! If you need paladin or knight spells, you've come to the right place.
Player: job
Asrak: I'm the overseer of the pits and a paladin trainer, but I also know some knight spells.
Player: gladiators
Asrak: Those wannabe fighters are weak and most of them are unable to comprehend a higher concept like the Mooh'Tah.
Player: help
Asrak: I teach worthy warriors the way of the knight.
Player: name
Asrak: I'm known as Asrak the Ironhoof.
Player: time
Asrak: It is 7:35 pm.
Player: king or Tibianus
Asrak: I pledge no allegiance to any king, be it human or minotaurean.
Player: army
Asrak: Your human army might be big but without skills. They are nothing than sheep to be slaughtered.
Player: general
Asrak: The human generals are like their warriors. They lack the focus to be true warriors.
Player: spell
Asrak: Sorry, I don't teach spells for your vocation.
Player: dungeon
Asrak: The dungeons of your desires and fears are not only the solely ones you have to fear but also the only ones you have to conquer.
Player: gods
Asrak: They implanted the rage in us that almost cost our existence. They used us as pawns in wars that were not ours.
Player: monsters
Asrak: Inferior creatures of rage, driven by their primitive urges. They are only useful to test one's skills.
Player: Ferumbras
Asrak: To rely on magic is like cheating fate. All cheaters will get their just punishment one day, and so will he.
Player: Excalibug
Asrak: If it's truly a weapon to slay gods, it might be worth searching for it.
Player: Venore
Asrak: The city pays me well and those undisciplined gladiators need my skills and guidance badly.
Player: Mintwallin
Asrak: The city is only a shadow of what we could have accomplished without that curse of rage that the gods bestowed upon us.



Player: minotaur
Asrak: In the ancient wars we lost many things due to our rage. The only good thing is that we lost our trust in the gods, too.
Player: rage
Asrak: Rage is the legacy of Blog, the beast. It is our primary goal to overcome this rage. The Mooh'Tah is our only hope of salvation and perfection.
Player: Mooh'Tah
Asrak: The Mooh'Tah teaches control. It provides you with weapon, armor, and shield. It teaches you harmony and focus.
Player: harmony
Asrak: There is harmony in everything that is done correctly. If you feel the harmony of an action, you can sing its song.
Player: song or sing
Asrak: Each harmonic action has it own song. If you can sing it, you are in harmony with that action. This is where the minotaurean battle songs come from.
Player: battlesongs
Asrak: Each Mooh'Tah master focuses his skills on the harmony of battle. He is one with the song that he's singing with his voice or at least his heart.
Player: weapon
Asrak: Make your will your weapon, and your enemies will perish.
Player: armor
Asrak: Courage is the only armor that shields you against rage and fear, the greatest dangers you are facing.
Player: shield
Asrak: Your confidence shall be your shield. Nothing can penetrate that defence.
Player: bye
Asrak: May your path be as straight as an arrow.