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Askara was merged along with Pandoria and Saphira into a new world Yanara on November 10, 2014.

Additional info

  • Askara is believed to be the first world to loot Bunny Slippers. Ivesky Legend looted and was then forced to sell them to Zunri. It is unknown who the current owner of the slippers is, due to fear of power abuse.
  • Askara was the first world to loot the Thunder Hammer from the mighty Ferumbras.
  • Askara is one of the few worlds to loot the elusive Great Shield from the mighty Ferumbras. Ferumbras spawned two times, in two days! The first time dropping reletively nothing but it was a much smoother kill than the second - which killed all of the party on the first attempt before being vanquished on the second attempt and dropping the Great Shield.




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