Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 126.112, 125.214, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Thief
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
You see Aruda.
NPC Bubble D
  • Hey there, up for a chat?


Thais, center of town.


Aruda is a wily young woman who wanders around Thais. She attracts young men to herself so that she may steal from them. All people beware for once you talk to her she will quickly take your money and run. Note, her name's similarity with the word "rude".
Some rumours suggest that she may be a powerful magic user.
According to Oswald, she used to be the girlfriend of Partos, who is also a thief.

When she says "Oh, sorry, I was distracted, what did you say?", that means she has stolen gold from you (up to 10gp). If you don't have any gold OR call her a thief, she'll say "Oh sorry, I have to hurry, bye!"

If you say "time" and look at your watch, she will then steal your watch.

Warning: Be careful! If Aruda is close by (within 4 squares) of an NPC and you say hi, she will still steal your gold!


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Aruda.

Player: hi
Aruda: Oh, hello, handsome! It's a pleasure to meet you, Player. Gladly I have the time to {chat} a bit.
Player: name
Aruda: I'm a little sad that you seem to have forgotten me, handsome. I'm Aruda.
Player: help
Aruda: I'm deeply sorry, I can't help you.
Player: how are you
Aruda: Thank you very much. How kind of you to care about me. I'm fine, thank you.
Player: chat or job
Aruda: I do some work now and then. Nothing unusual, though. So I have plenty time to chat. If you are interested in any topic just ask me.
Player: news
Aruda: You should ask Oswald about news. He loves them.
Player: rumors or rumours
Aruda: I'm a little shy and so I don't hear many rumours
Player: gods
Aruda: You should ask about that in one of the temples.
Player: Yenny
Aruda: Yenny? I know no Yenny, nor have I ever used that name! You must have mistaken me with someone else. (leaves the discussion)
Player: thief
Aruda: Oh sorry, I have to hurry, bye! (leaves the discussion)
Player: dogs
Aruda: I like dogs, the little ones at least. Do you like dogs, too?
Player: king
Aruda: The king that lives in this fascinating castle? I think he does look kind of cute in his luxurious robes, doesn't he?
Player: castle
Aruda: I love this castle! It's so beautiful.
Player: kiss
Aruda: Oh, you little devil, stop talking about that! <blush>
Player: Aruda
Aruda: Oh, I like the way you say my name.
Player: Benjamin
Aruda: He is a little simple minded but always nice and well dressed.
Player: Bozo
Aruda: Oh, isn't he funny? I could listen to him the whole day.
Player: Eclesius
Aruda: He often passes me on the way to Frodo's.
Player: Elane
Aruda: I personally think it's inappropriate for a woman to become a warrior, what do you think about that?
Player: Frodo
Aruda: Oh, a girl like me shouldn't go to this place.
Player: Gorn
Aruda: He should really sell some stylish gowns or something like that. We Tibians never get some clothing of the latest fashion. It's a shame.
Player: Gregor
Aruda: I like brave fighters like him.
Player: Marvik
Aruda: Druids seldom visit a town. What do you know about druids?
Player: Muriel
Aruda: Powerful sorcerers frighten me a little.
Player: Noodles
Aruda: Oh, he is sooooo cute!
Player: Oswald
Aruda: As far as I know, he's working in the castle.
Player: Partos
Aruda: I ... don't know someone named like that.
Player: Quentin
Aruda: I don't understand this lonely monks. I love company too much to become one. Hehehe!
Player: Sam
Aruda: He is soooo strong! What muscles! What a body! On the other hand, compared to you he looks quite puny.
Player: Tibia
Aruda: I'd like to visit the beach more often, but I guess it's too dangerous.
Player: monsters
Aruda: UH! What a terrifying topic. Please let us speak about something more pleasant, I'm a weak and small woman after all.

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