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<this is a ripped page, probably from a diary>
IV. 20th
Since we've moved into this house, we barely had any contact to the other citizens of Yalahar. However this has changed during the last week. People are getting suspicious of Arthei - some saw him after the explosion and know that his sudden recovery can't have happened in a natural way. And they are starting to talk... what makes matters worse is that some murders have occurred since Arthei's recovery. I don't know any details or what exactly was the cause for their death, but I can't stop thinking that Arthei might have something to do with it. His nightly excursions... the state he is in... and it seems that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. As I said... people are starting to talk...

IV. 22th
I don't know how long we can stay here. People whisper with each other and stare hatefully at Lersatio, Boreth and me when we cross the street. I really want to protect my brother, but I'm very scared.

IV. 25th
On the ocean again... this night, we were almost killed by a mob who banged at our door with the obvious intention to remove what they consider a threat to their lives. Well... I can't blame them... we pulled struggling Arthei out of the house and with us, and now we're out at sea on the small boat we arrived in. Luckily they didn't destroy it before they came for us. Please, let us find land... I guess that means back to square one.

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