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<this is a ripped page, probably from a diary>
IV. 26th
Finally, luck is on our side again! Just a few hours to the east we found another island - and it's beautiful! Grass, flowers, mountains in the distance and enough natural resources for a fresh start.

IV. 28th
Things are getting even better - on the hill east of the grassy area we found what seems to be an abandoned mansion. We spent some hours clearing all the spider webs and now it is quite a good place to stay in. Fate smiles on us! Ever since we found the mansion, Arthei has locked himself into one of the rooms, though. I hope that he will eventually recover in this peaceful environment.

V. 2nd
We made ourselves a home in the mansion and try to farm the land. I think if we can cultivate crops and vegetables, this place will be simply perfect for us.

IV. 10th
Not much success yet. The land is very dry, drier than it seemed when we arrived. We also haven't seen Arthei for a few days.

IV. 20th
This must be... a curse? The grass is withering... the water is getting muddy... even the hill seems stonier, although common sense tells me that this is not possible. What's going on here?

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