It can be found in a Stone Coffin (Quest) here.
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<this is a ripped page, probably from a diary>
V. 25th
I'm incredibly tired. Each day we work until the sun sets, trying to farm the land but it seems impossible. I'm sure we all have lost a few pounds. Lersatio even had to disguise himself to sneak back into Yalahar and get some supplies. The water on the island is almost swampy now... the grass is brown almost everywhere.... the trees are losing their leaves... jagged stones have formed from the once green hill. We are not speaking of it often, but I know that my two brothers and I are thinking the same... it's a curse, and it sticks to Arthei.

VI. 2nd
Another week lost. Not much more to say.

VI. 5th
We have made a grave decision. We will deliver Arthei, the land and us from this curse. Tonight this will end. It has to end. It's our brother, but I'm sure that this decision will be the best for all of us.

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