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<this is a ripped page, probably from a diary>
IV. 8th
This is not good at all. At first we were all so happy about the miracle of Arthei's recovery that we didn't care about anything else, but now, some... side effects have appeared. Arthei has never looked as pale as now and he hardly speaks a single word. At least he still knows that we are his brothers, but he doesn't seem to recognise Kala, his wife. This is incredibly hard for her because she was really doing anything in her might to help him get better. And now that he is well again, he is very distant. He calls her 'that woman' and doesn't let her into his room. God, this is so bad. We are hoping that this is only a mood swing or some sort of amnesia that will pass over time...

IV. 12th
Kala is gone!! Oh, what horrible times are those. In her sadness, and confronted with Arthei's constant rejection, she must have left the house last night. She left almost all of her belongings. We are so worried about her... and hope so badly that she didn't decide to throw her life away as desperate as she has been. Arthei didn't even notice... and when we told him, he just shrugged his shoulders. She doesn't deserve this... she is such a sweet and caring woman. We have been looking all over the city for her - in the accessible parts that is - but couldn't find her. I will look for her later again.

IV. 13th
Kala remains missing... and Arthei seems to sneak out at night too, although he is always back in the mornings. I only noticed because I was getting up from my bed to fetch a mug of water, when I saw him closing the front door. What is he doing outside at this time? And, come to think about it, he has never left the house or even his room during daytime ever since he recovered. What has happened to him?

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