It can be found in a Chest of Drawers (Object) here.
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<this is a ripped page, probably from a diary>
IV. 7th
Everything is so strange... two nights ago the weirdest thing happened... I fell asleep during the night watch at my brother's bed, must have been only for a few minutes, but when I opened my eyes, I saw a black... being... hovering over Arthei's bed, getting closer and closer to him. I wanted to jump to my feet and scream, but I was unable to move. All I could do was dig my nails into my own flesh. Then suddenly, the being looked directly into my eyes. I remember thinking 'how strange', because the creature had no face and thus no eyes, yet I knew that it was looking at me. Then I couldn't bear the cold of its look anymore and passed out. I don't know what happened afterwards. All that matters now is that Arthei has recovered. And with recovered I mean that there is not a SCRATCH on him anymore. He is completely well, I'm not able to explain why, but I don't care. Kala is crying for joy, I think the black being wasn't evil, but a god.

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