You see Arkulius
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • ...the arithmetical paradox has the same value in a metaphysical way, then...
  • Oh my! Alverus!! Did you really...?!?! I have to recalculate it to make sure that I made no mistake.
  • <mumbles>
  • ...the minimum square deviation could cause a dislocation, in a matter of fact...
  • ...it could be possible to bring the sphere to a destination where...
  • Yes, that's it! The elementary particle are corresponding to the... the ... UNBELIEVEABLE!!!


Edron, Ivory Towers south-eastern tower


Arkulius is one of the Edron's scholars, trying his best to revive the mage Alerus who has been frozen by a problem in the elemental machinery.

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Trade Details


Item   Value
Energy Soil Other Items Other Items2,000
Eternal Flames Other Items Other Items5,000
Flawless Ice Crystal Other Items Other Items5,000
Glimmering Soil Other Items Other Items2,000
Iced Soil Other Items Other Items2,000
Mother Soil Other Items Other Items5,000
Natural Soil Other Items Other Items2,000
Neutral Matter Other Items Other Items5,000
Pure Energy Other Items Other Items5,000


This NPC does not sell any items.