You see Arito
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  • Come in, have a drink and something to eat.


Old Scarab's Shell Tavern above the Post Office in Ankrahmun.


Arito is the barkeeper of the Old Scarab's Shell Tavern.

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Trade Details


Ice Cube.gifIce Cube250 Gold


Bread.gifBread8 Gold
Cheese.gifCheese12 Gold
Fish.gifFish6 Gold
Ham.gifHam16 Gold
Meat.gifMeat10 Gold
Mug.gifMug12 Gold
Mug.gifMug32 Gold
Mug.gifMug21 Gold
Mug.gifMug43 Gold
  1. With Beer.
  2. With Water.
  3. With Lemonade.
  4. With Wine.


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Player: hi
Arito: Be mourned, pilgrim in flesh. Be mourned in my tavern.
Player: offer or buy
Arito: Food and drinks as much as you can pay for. If you like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: trade
Arito: Sure, browse through my offers.
Player: food
Arito: We offer fish, bread, cheese, ham, and meat. If you like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: drink
Arito: Do you want beer, wine, lemonade, or water? Ask me for a trade to make your choice.
Player: name
Arito: My name is Arito.
Player: job
Arito: I'm the owner of this tavern.
Player: time
Arito: It is exactly 11:05 pm.
Player: tavern
Arito: This tavern is called the 'Old Scarab's Shell'.
Player: tibianus
Arito: A foolish king who resides over foolish mortals.
Player: carlin
Arito: Carlin is the twin sister of Thais. Another city that hasn't found the true path yet.
Player: thais
Arito: Thais is the capital of an insolent realm. Its people embrace life without understanding the alternative.
Player: tibia
Arito: Why? This is our world of course.
Player: darashia
Arito: A city of the lost.
Player: darama
Arito: This is our continent. Ankrahmun is its biggest and most marvellous city.
Player: nomad
Arito: I already told you my story and don't want to repeat it.
Player: pharaoh
Arito: Blessed be our saviour.
Player: rah
Arito: The Rah is our vital force. It is the source of our inner light.
Player: uthun
Arito: The Uthun is what we learn and remember.
Player: help
Player: mission
Arito: You helped me more than enough. I am so glad and thank you.
Player: excalibug
Arito: Our Pharaoh does not have any use for such a weapon. As powerful as it may be, it is nothing compared to his divine power.
Player: Ferumbras
Arito: This servant of evil won't even dare to enter our city and to call the wrath of our Pharaoh upon him.
Player: bye
Arito: Do visit us again.