Arisophlus is a researcher who had notated all his progression within books that were placed in the Desert Dungeon Library. His research is extensive and it tells with details every kind of fluids, although naively described, it seems pretty advanced for someone of his intellect.
Arisophlus is the author of the following books:

NameBook TypeShort Description
Different Fluids I (Book)Book (Brown)Explanation of the fluid known as slime.
Different Fluids II.I (Book)Book (Orange)Admonition against drinking beer, especially when hunting.
Different Fluids II.II (Book)Book (Grey)Part two discussing brown fluids
Different Fluids III (Book)Book (Black)Discussing water.
Different Fluids IV (Book)Book (Orange)Explanation of "pink" fluids.
Different Fluids V (Book)Book (Black)Explanation of red and white fluids
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