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The name "Arcania" comes from the Latin word arcanum, which means "a secret, a mystery". Arcania was merged along with Aldora and Xerena into a new world Nika on August 14, 2014. Further, Nika and three other worlds were merged into Peloria.

Historical information

  • Arcania is the first server that Morgaroth appeared on Aug 7th, 2006. It wasn't killed because of a debug to players. Morgaroth was finally slayed after 2 years on Aug 18th, 2008.
  • Arcania was a war server for most of its life, Dark Purple Faster Turtles (DPFT) won a war against Next Generation(NG) and Era Zero(NZ) in 2005 and kept the leadership until 2008, Then loosing a war to Echo which lead the server until 2012, when mass bot guild Massacre transferred and took the server until it's merge into Nika.[1]
  • The guild Dark Purple Faster Turtles (DPFT) is still active nowadays on Peloria.
  • First character to reach level 200 on Arcania was Bedurion, elite knight from DPFT.
  • First Brasilian player to reach level 100 and 200 on Arcania was Knight'Kamos, elite knight from DPFT.

Players with the best skills

Golden Trophy of ExcellenceLevelArmyman483
Spellbook of Ancient ArcanaMagicYvee Lee96
Great ShieldShieldingElite Breathsitow111
The DevileyeDistanceArmyman121
The EpiphanySwordThor Exorel112
Dark Trinity MaceClubGuerreira of hell114
Solar AxeAxeElite Breathsitow113
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistSpindrift Drake75
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingLord Piotterek86

Bosses Killeds

Massacre Massacre

Loot : Piece of Massacre's Shell. The remainder of loot is unknown.

Orshabaal Orshabaal

Loot : Thunder Hammer. The remainder of loot is unknown.

Loot : Unknown.

Loot : 71 Platinum Coins, Orshabaal's Brain, Demonic Essence, Necrotic Rod, Protection Amulet, Stealth Ring, Magic Light Wand, 2 Small Diamonds, Ultimate Health Potion, 12 Black Pearls, Devil Helmet.

Ghazbaran Ghazbaran

Loot : 6 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, Demon Horn, Protection Amulet, Death Ring, Mind Stone, Small Diamond, Twin Axe, Crystalline Armor, Great Mana Potion, Gold Ingot.

Loot : Unknown.

Loot : 17 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, Blue Tome, Stone Skin Amulet, Death Ring, Golden Mug, 3 Small Sapphires, 47 Assassin Stars, Mastermind Shield, Great Health Potion, Gold Ingot.

  • 4nd 07 Nov 2011, blocked by Arris

Loot : Demonic Essence, 60 Platinum Coins, 13 White Pearls, Great Spirit Potion, Glacier Kilt, Twin Axe, 4 Small Diamonds, Orb, Ring of Healing, Spellbook of Mind Control, Demon Horn.



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