Arachir the Ancient One.gif
You see Arachir the Ancient One.
  • I was the shadow that haunted the cradle of humanity!
  • Your worthles existence will nourish something greater!
  • I exist since eons and you want to defy me?
  • Can you feel the passage of time, mortal?


New creature in Summer Update 2008. Spawns with 0-2 Lichs


Melee (0-300), Sudden Death Berserk(no damage), Summons 2 Liches at once, Sudden Death (0-200), Drunkness, Paralyze, Invisible, Self Healing, turns into a Bat.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Vampire Crypts (here).


Turns Invisible really often and runs away in low health.


This boss often causes death for unprepared players, even high levels, so if you are planning to hunt in Vampire Crypts, always be all ready in case this boss appears. Arachir often hits with paralyze + drunkeness combo, so you should always keep a Dwarven Ring ready in case you need to escape or you try to outrun it.

The best way to kill it is a simple formation of 2 Druids healing the blocker and shooters killing fast, with Fire Waves, Fireball runes and Divine Missiles.

Mages: A possible strategy for mages would be to lure it to the rope hole while using Mana shield. Then use either Hell's Core (Sorcerers) or Eternal Winter (Druids) to kill this vampire lord and it's summoned Liches.

Higher levels can successfully kill this boss alone with help of field runes like Energy Bombs or Energy Walls, to keep summones Liches or eventual Vampires from attacking you.

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