It is found in the room with two Destroyers.

How to take on and keep a beautiful human appearance

By eating the powder of the purple kiss, the blue lotus and the pearl flower, with cinnamon and honey, an asura becomes lovely in the eyes of mortal men.
An asura may also carry with her the bone of a peacock or of a hyena covered with gold. This makes her hair silky and her skin fresh and vivid.
The application of a mixture of jungle rose petals, a flower from a fresh grave and peacock bone powder produces the same effect.
Drinking mare's milk is also a good way to keep an appealing human form for an asura. Thereafter she should take black sesame seeds and soak them with the eggs of sparrows, boil them in milk and mix them with sugar. If she drinks this mixture and eats three fruits of the dragon nest tree she will keep her human form for five days.
But if she takes a bath in a young man's blood she may keep a lovely human form for the time of a full month.

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