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Additional Info

  • Antica was the first world created. Before Nova came, Antica was called Tibia.
  • Antica is a latin word that means Old.
  • Recomendations: You MUST keep the order in this world, if you don't, you won't be alone anymore.
  • Advantages: Low equipment prices, most of the rarest items exist only in Antica, as it is the older it has tons of myths, stories and legends.
  • Disadvantages: Power-abusers, difficulty selling items to players.
  • Players above level 200 on Antica: Bubble, Hesperides, Xanadu, Salve Knight , Apocalipsis and Suprido
  • Antica has also the only character from Rookgaard to be Level 100(Sunrise,).
  • Antica is the first server which killed Ferumbras
  • Antica is the first server which killed the 3 boss monsters: Ferumbras, Orshabaal and Morgaroth
  • Antica has the only player (Sashra) who has successfully blocked Orshabaal, Morgaroth and Ferumbras
  • Antica is currently embroiled in the largest server war to ever take place, with over 250 participants, involving the 2 statistically strongest guilds in all of Tibia, the Black Dragons, and Ruthless Hordes.
  • Antica is also very famous for having, Bubble[First Level 100 Knight in Tibia]
  • Antica also had the player "Mulf" that dicovered various rare items: Bronze Amulet, Warlord Sword, Soft Boots (Before Pits of Inferno Quest was added), Silver Necklace, Great Axe .
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