Antica was the first world created. Before Nova came, Antica was called Tibia. Antica is a latin word that means old. Antica was also very famous for having Bubble, who was first player to get level 100, and who was the first player to get to level 200 in Tibia.

Additional information

  • Antica has the first character in Rookgaard to reach level 100 (Sunrise).
  • Antica was the very first server where Ferumbras was killed. The first time was back when it was controlled by a CIP member and then when it was introduced as an automated monster.
  • There are no wars on Antica right now.
  • Antica is the only old server that broke the old online record during the last 5 years. 1050 players on Mar 06 2016, 20:20:30 CET)

Rare Items

Antica is famous for its very rare items, that you can sometimes see in houses, such as:

The famous characters known as Bubble, and her husband

no longer reside on this game-world; they currently reside on Refugia.

Bosses Killed

*1st 06 Nov 2007, blocked by

Orshabaal.gif Orshabaal

Loot : Unknown. Loot : Unkown.

Morgaroth.gif Morgaroth

Loot : Teddy Bear, Morgaroth's Heart. The remainder of loot is unknown.

Ferumbras.gif Ferumbras

Is this the first ferumbras killed in Tibia. Loot : Ferumbras' Hat. The remainder of loot is unknown.

  • 2nd 26 Oct 2008, Unknown blocker.

Loot : Ferumbras' Hat, Golden Ring. The remainder of loot is unknown.

*3nd 09 Aug 2011, blocked by

Loot : Ferumbras' Hat, 36 Gold Coins, Gold Ingot, Great Shield, Divine Plate, Skullcrusher, Nightmare Blade, Terra Legs, 67 Small Topazes, Spellbook of Lost Souls.