Underneath the desert that surrounds Ankrahmun, there are several tombs where you can find all kinds of creatures.

These tombs are located all around the desert, even in the city itself. Most of them are hidden and you need to know the exact location to use a shovel and open the entrance.

These tombs are the eternal resting places of seven cursed Pharaohs, that were banished for their evil plots.

Note through the teleporter in most of the tombs there are more monsters at once than in the regular parts of the tomb. Be careful in judging what you can and cannot take. You need to sacrifice a Scarab Coin to get through the teleporter.

There are seven Tombs under the sands of the Kha'labal:

In addition to these seven cursed tombs, there are two other tombs. One is under the city of Ankrahmun, where the pharaoh Arkhotep has hidden his most valuable religious altar. The other is near the smallest Ankrahmun Dragon Lair spawn.

In all tombs it is advised to have the antidote spell available (bought and always 30 mana) because of scorpions and other poisonous creatures. It is also advised for mages to use wands/rods with no Death Damage.

Names of the tombs are unofficial and are only made up by players (not CipSoft staff) according to the location the entrance can be found in.

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