Raids in and around Ankrahmun

Skeleton Raid near Ankrahmun

Various undead assemble north of Ankrahmun, close to the mountain passage towards Darashia.

  1. 00:00: Some skeletons are assembling north of Ankrahmun!


Terramite Raid near Ankrahmun

Terramites will raid the desert near the Darama Terramite Cave.
A total of around 100 terramites spawn during this raid. (30 after the first message and 70 after the second message in two consecutive waves seconds apart).

  1. 00:00: Something is moving under the surface in the sand north of Ankrahmun!
  2. 00:10: Terramites north of Ankrahmun!


Ancient Scarab Raid

Deep inside the scarab cave the Ancient Scarab's population has grown.

  1. 00:00: Something is crawling deep in the Ankrahmun Scarab caves.

Scarab Raid near Ankrahmun

The sands of the Kha'labal contain many scarabs. Sometimes they will find their way to the surface and pose a great amount of danger to anyone caught in their path. During the first phase, progressively stronger waves of Larvae, followed by Scarabs, and finally one wave with Scarabs and the first one of the Ancient Scarabs appear. After this point, several waves of Scarabs and Ancient Scarabs appear, gradually getting weaker until none are left.

A total of 16 Ancient Scarabs spawn across all waves.


  1. 00:00: Unusual frequent scarab sightings at the gates of Ankrahmun
  2. 00:06: Ancient scarabs are leading an attack on Ankrahmun.
  3. 00:08Ancient scarabs are leading an attack on Ankrahmun.
  4. 00:10Ancient scarabs are leading an attack on Ankrahmun.


Nomad Raid near Ankrahmun

From time to time the Nomads of the desert find their way to Ankrahmun and try to invade the city walls.


  1. 00:00: Nomad scouts have been sighted close to the gates to Ankrahmun.
  2. 00:03: (unannounced raid)
  3. 00:06: (unannounced raid)
  4. 00:08: The desert nomads are launching a full scale attack on Ankrahmun. Some might even have slipped through the defences!

Djinn Raids near Ankrahmun


  1. 00:00: There is a sudden rise in Djinn population in Kha'zeel!
  2. 00:05: Djinnvasion in Ashta'daramai!
  3. 00:06: Djinnvasion in Mal'ouquah!

They spawn in the underground levels of the towers.

Gargoyle Raid in Oasis Tomb


  1. 00:00: There is something stony moving down in the Ankrahmun Rahemos tombs.
  2. 00:03: Gargoyle attack in the Ankrahmun Rahemos tombs!

Around 70 Gargoyles spawn on the second hunting floor, the one before the flame teleport.


Slime Raid in Shadow Tomb


  1. 00:00: There is something slimy going on in the Ankrahmun Mahrdis tombs.
  2. 00:05: Slime attack in the Ankrahmun Mahrdis tombs!

About 35 Slimes spawn on the second hunting level, spread out over the whole floor.


Vampire Raid in Shadow Tomb

Vampires will raid the third and fourth floor of the Shadow Tomb.


  1. 00:00: Cold bodies with long teeth have lowered the temperature down in the Ankrahmun Mahrdis tombs.
    (no vampires spawn)
  2. 00:05: Cold bodies with long teeth. Many teeth. Down in the Ankrahmun Mahrdis tombs.
    (entire raid spawns)

3rd floor map

4th floor map

Minimap Symbols
Raid target: Vampires


Bonebeast Raid in Mountain Tomb

Bonebeasts will raid the fourth floor of the Mountain Tomb. Note that to reach the fourth floor you will need to pull all the levers on the floor above. Approximately 68 bonebeasts spawn in the entire raid.


  1. 00:00: Bonebeasts are rattling down in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tombs.
  2. 00:09: Bonebeasts roaming around in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tombs.


Necromancer Raid in Peninsula Tomb


  1. 00:00: Necromancer attack in the Ankrahmun Omruc tombs!
  2. ?: ?

Cobra Raid in Mountain Tomb

Cobras will raid the first and second floor of the Mountain Tomb. Approximately 100 cobras spawn in the entire raid.


  1. 00:00 There's something sizzling in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tombs.
  2. 00:05 Even more sizzling in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tombs.
  3. 00:07 Poison overflow in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tombs!


Vampire Raid in Tarpit Tomb

Vampires will raid the Tarpit Tomb.


  1. 00:00There's a sudden ice cold wind in the Ankrahmun Morguthis tombs!
  2. 00:05Some vampires appeared in Ankrahmun Morguthis tombs!


Dragon Raid in Dragon Lair

Additional Dragon Hatchlings, Dragon Lords, and possibly Dragons will spawn in the middle dragon lair.


  1. 00:00: (unannounced raid)

Dragon Lord1900/2100Dragon Lord

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