You see Aneus
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North East of Carlin, not far from the Northport Graveyard


He is a storyteller that knows all about Carlin and the Red Legion.


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Player: Hi
Aneus: Greetings adventurer Player. What leads you to me?
Player: Story
Aneus: Ok, sit down and listen. Back in the early days, one of the ancestors ... <press m for more>
Player: m
Aneus: ... of our king Tibianus III wanted to build the best CITY in whole of Tibia.
Player: City
Aneus: The works on this new city began and the king sent his best ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... SOLDIERS to protect the workers from ORCS and to make them WORK HARDER.
Player: Soldiers
Aneus: It was the elite of the whole army. They were called the Red Legion (also known as the bloody legion).
Player: Orcs
Aneus: The orcs attacked the workers from time to time and so they disturbed the WORKS on the city.
Player: Works
Aneus: The development of the city was fine. Also a giant castle was build ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... northeast of the city. But more and more workers started to REBEL because of the bad conditions.
Player: Rebel
Aneus: All rebels were brought to the giant castle. Guarded by the Red Legion, ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... they had to work and live in even worser conditions. Also some FRIENDS of the king's sister were brought there.
Player: Friends
Aneus: The king's sister was pretty upset about the situation there but her brother ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... didn't want to do anything about this matter. So she made a PLAN to destroy the Red Legion for their CRUELTY forever.
Player: Cruelty
Aneus: The soldiers treated the workers like slaves.
Player: Plan
Aneus: She ordered her loyal druids and hunters to disguise themselves ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... as orcs from the near ISLAND and to ATTACK the Red Legion by night over and over again.
Player: Island
Aneus: The General of the Red Legion became very angry about these attacks and after some months he STROKE back!
Player: Stroke
Aneus: Most of the Red Legion went to the island by night. The orcs ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... were not prepared and the Red Legion killed hundreds of orcs ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... with nearly no loss. After they were satisfied they WALKED BACK to the castle.
Player: Walked back
Aneus: It is said that the orcish shamans cursed the Red Legion. <m>
Player: m
Aneus: Nobody knows. But one third of the soldiers died by a disease on the way back. <m>
Player: m
Aneus: And the orcs wanted to take revenge, and after some days they stroke back! <m>
Player: m
Aneus: The orcs and many allied cyclopses and minotaurs from all ...<m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... over Tibia came to avenge their friends, and they killed nearly all ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... workers and soldiers in the castle. The HELP of the king's sister came too late.
Player: Help
Aneus: She tried to rescue the workers but it was too late. The orcs ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... started immediately to attack her troops, too. Her royal troops ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... went back to the city. A TRICK saved the city from DESTRUCTION.
Player: Destruction
Aneus: They used the same trick as against the Red Legion and the orcs ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... started to fight their non-orcish-allies. After a bloody long fight ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... the orcs went back to their cities. The city of Carlin was rescued. <m>
Player: m
Aneus: Since then, a woman has always been ruling over Carlin and this statue ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... was made to remind us of their great tactics against the orcs ... <m>
Player: m
Aneus: ... and the Red Legion. So that was the story of Carlin and these Fields of Glory. I hope you liked it. *He smiles*
Player: Bye
Aneus: Good bye and take care of you!

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