Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Port Hope
Position 127.249, 127.119, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Occupational Properties
Job Unknown.
Other Properties
Version 12.00
December 03, 2018
Status Active
Andrew Lyze.gif
You see Andrew Lyze


    Banuta, Port Hope.


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    Trade Details


    This NPC does not buy any items.


    Item   Value
    Broken Compass Other Items Other Items10000


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    Player: hi
    Andrew Lyze: Hello, I am the warden of this monument. The sarcophagus in front of you was established to prevent people from going down there. But I doubt that this step is sufficient.
    Player: monument
    Andrew Lyze: Well, a while ago powerful magic devices were used all around Tibia. These are chargeable compasses. There was but one problem: they offered the possibility to make people rich in a quite easy way. ...
    Andrew Lyze: Therefore, these instruments were very coveted. People tried to get their hands on them at all costs. And so it happened what everybody feared - bloody battles forged ahead. ...
    Andrew Lyze: To put an end to these cruel escalations, eventually all of the devices were collected and destroyed. The remains were buried deep in the earth.
    Player: deep
    Andrew Lyze: As far as I know it is a place of helish heat with bloodthirsty monsters of all kinds.
    Player: sarcophagus
    Andrew Lyze: This sarcophagus seals the entrance to the caves down there. Only here you can get all the materials you need for a working compass of this kind. So no entrance here - no further magic compasses in Tibia. In theory.
    Player: materials
    Andrew Lyze: Only in the cave down there you will find the materials you need to repair the compass. Now you know why the entrance is sealed. There's the seal, but I have a deal for you: ...
    Andrew Lyze: I can repair the compass for you if you deliver what I need. Besides the broken compass you have to bring me the following materials: 50 blue glas plates, 15 green glas plates and 5 violet glas plates. ...
    Andrew Lyze: They all can be found in this closed cave in front of you. I should have destroyed this seal key but things have changed. The entrance is opened now, go down and do what has to be done.
    Player: down
    Andrew Lyze: On first glance, this cave does not look very spectacular, but the things you find in there, are. You have to know that this is the only place where you can find the respective materials to build the compass.
    Player: compass
    Andrew Lyze: It was decided to collect all of the compasses, destroy them and throw them in the fiery depths of Tibia. I still have some of them here. I sell them for a low price if you want.
    Player: depths
    Andrew Lyze: As far as I know it is a place of helish heat with bloodthirsty monsters of all kinds.
    Player: sell
    Andrew Lyze: Would you like to buy a broken compass for 10.000 gold?
    Player: yes
    Andrew Lyze: Here's your broken compass!

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