A burnt out version of this book can be found in the Old Fortress Library.

Some of the ancient races that rose and decayed during the wars of the gods were incredible powerful compared to modern mankind. Only tales of surviving ancients tell us about this people. There were races like the S'vir who travelled the sky in their cloud ships; beings like the elephant men, their name is long forgotten, whose ordinary speech were words of magic that formed reality around them. Then there were the Tur'osk'ahar which are remembered for creating runes as big as a ship; or the unnamed race that tamed and mastered the forces of ice and coldness to serve them; not to forget, the ancestors of the modern bonelords who could raise whole armies of undead in a blink and summon abominations of decay and bones as huge as a house. Some of the modern races had ancestors which were far more powerful than their kin today. As the war continued and the bitterness grew, less and less races were able to raise to greatness: It is said that humans and orcs were the least and the last of the races created.

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