Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Rathleton
Position 131.96, 123.227, 10
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Goblin
Occupational Properties
Job Servant
Other Properties
Version 10.90
December 8, 2015
Status Active
An Imprisoned Goblin
You see An Imprisoned Goblin.
  • Me so hungry...
  • Frog God, hear poor goblin! Send help!...
  • <groan>


He was imprisoned by the Ogres to serve as an example to the other goblins working in the Krailos Mines. He says his real name was lost in sorrow, and that he took on the name Garamor Avolok Tor-Mazak (which roughly translated means Black Veil on Mind, Shadow on Heart, Tears of Blood, Weeping for Thousands Killed by Greed) to suit the tragic fate of the goblins on Krailos better.
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Part of the Krailos Quest.
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Player: hi
An Imprisoned Goblin: What want with starving goblin, hu-man?
Player: name
An Imprisoned Goblin: Name lost in sorrow! Took new one to show tragic fate of goblinkind! Garamor Avolok Tor-Mazak!
Player: Garamor Avolok Tor-Mazak
An Imprisoned Goblin: Black Veil on Mind, Shadow on Heart, Tears of Blood, Weeping for Thousands Killed by Greed! Near enough translation.
Player: imprisoned
An Imprisoned Goblin: Got sealed in as example to others, without food or water! Me left here to die! But wait for help! Pray to Frog God that it will come!
Player: goblins
An Imprisoned Goblin: Once, goblins stupid and greedy like rest of this world! But then, Frog God gave vision to Sugatrap how to progress. Went to holy mountain! Grew goblin civilization! Peace! Plenty! Harmony! ...
An Imprisoned Goblin: But alas, goblins lost greatness again, devoured by insatiable ogre appetite for goblin flesh.
Player: Swordfish
An Imprisoned Goblin: Him best friend of Sugatrap. Found city founding stone, and him become protector of city. ...
An Imprisoned Goblin: Many great deeds defending first goblin generations from hungry ogres poking around in mountains! Long we safe because of him!
Player: Hopgoblin
An Imprisoned Goblin: Greatest thinker of golden age. 'I think, therefore I goblin!' When ogre found secret tunnel entrance, it Hopgoblin who told famous riddle to make ogre think long enough, saving hundreds of goblins!
Player: Sugatrap
An Imprisoned Goblin: Long time ago, he given vision by Frog God, and founded hidden city of goblins. Free goblins! First among equals he was! But great times long gone. All devastated by greedy ogres.
Player: ogres
An Imprisoned Goblin: Bane of goblins! Maybe sent to punish us? But why? All we know, they greedy, and they enslave and eat goblins. Horrible fate!
Player: mines
An Imprisoned Goblin: Slavery! Poor goblins dig through hard earth for precious stones and crystals, all for greedy ogres.
Player: bye
An Imprisoned Goblin: All go away.

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