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  • The word Amera comes from America, because it's the place where this world is located.
  • Was the first server located in the USA.
  • Amera is the home of the legendary player Eternal Oblivion, whose level and skills were the best in Tibia for a long time.

History, Quests and Achievements

  • First player to reach level 100 was the knight Boboms.
  • First player to reach level 200 and 300 was Eternal Oblivion.He was also the fifth player to obtain level 300 in whole Tibia, as well as the one who broke the "exp limit" at the time (visit his page for more info).
  • Knight Psaico was the first player to reach level 400.
  • First sorcerer to reach level 100 was Star Scream.
  • Anamilbeast was the first to reach level 100 in Rookgaard.

Bosses Killed

Ghazbaran.gif Ghazbaran

  • 1st 20 Jul 2008, The boss was not defeated.
  • 2nd 13 Fev 2009, blocked by Paoli

Loot : The most valuable items were left a Ruthless Axe and a Spellbook of Dark Mysteries. The remainder of loot is unknown.

Loot : Green Gem, Golden Boots, 61 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, Demon Horn, Spellbook of Warding, Might Ring, 7 Talons, 5 Small Diamonds, Giant Sword, Great Health Potion.

Loot : Teddy Bear, 9 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Death Ring, Mind Stone, 13 Small Amethysts, Glorious Axe, Demon Shield, Ultimate Health Potion, Green Gem.

Ferumbras.gif Ferumbras

Loot : Ferumbras' Hat. The remainder of loot is unknown.


  • Power Abuse is really low if compared to other worlds, the only one that is "allowed" by war guilds is spawn kicking.
  • Economy - items are cheap and easy to buy for the newcomers.
  • If you like war, something is usually going on in Amera.
  • As far as English speaking servers, it is one of the best for community.
  • Large amount of players from Australia and New Zealand.
  • Large community, very active forums for those who like it.


  • Mid-level power abusers, decent leveled player killers.
  • Hard to find large houses (8 sqm+) at a decent price, houses are mad expensive on Amera, Yalahar ones go for 1kk + at least.
  • It's hard for neutral players to hunt at certain spawns that are very searched by war related players, e.g. water elementals, Darashia dls, Fenrock dls and some others, they usually are kicked out of those spawns.