Alistair Cropwell was a great Thaian royal explorer. He lived in Sunset Homes, Flat 01 from 919 p.g. to 930 p.g., left of Homer Vason. In 930, he was sent away by king Tibianus I with the mission of exploring the world. He explored for 12 years, during which he stumbled upon a mighty, strange city, which he mentions in his notes. According to this book in the Royal Archives, he lived in his old house again for one year before he was executed for claiming that there existed another empire besides the Thaian one. Because of his past services he was buried honourably in the graveyard dungeon, as mentioned in the Royal Execution Archives. Strangely enough, another grave with his name can be found in the Pits of Inferno Graveyard.

Alistair left behind his family when he died. His son, Erin, took up his father's work and continued his explorations to the unknown world beyond Thais.

Alistair Cropwell may be a reference to Oliver Cromwell who was an English military and political leader, but it could also be a reference to Aleister Crowley who was an occultist and mountaineer.

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