You see Alexander
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Edron, Ivory Towers (four floors above ground level in the west tower).


This NPC from the Ivory Towers is in charge of selling runes and magic items. He will give you your first rod or wand, but just saying "wand" or "rod" isn't enough: you must say Snakebite Rod or Wand of Vortex.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Crystal Ball Other Items Other Items190
Life Crystal Other Items Other Items85
Mind Stone Other Items Other Items170
Spellbook of Enlightenment Body Equipment Body Equipment4,000
Spellbook of Lost Souls Body Equipment Body Equipment19,000
Spellbook of Mind Control Body Equipment Body Equipment13,000
Spellbook of Warding Body Equipment Body Equipment8,000


Item   Value
Animate Dead Rune Runes Runes375
Blank Rune Other Items Other Items10
Crystal Ball Other Items Other Items530
Disintegrate Rune Runes Runes26
Durable Exercise Rod Weapons Weapons945,000
Durable Exercise Wand Weapons Weapons945,000
Energy Bomb Rune Runes Runes203
Exercise Rod Weapons Weapons262,500
Exercise Wand Weapons Weapons262,500
Fireball Rune Runes Runes30
Hailstorm Rod Weapons Weapons15,000
Holy Missile Rune Runes Runes16
Icicle Rune Runes Runes30
Lasting Exercise Rod Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Lasting Exercise Wand Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Life Ring Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment900
Magic Wall Rune Runes Runes116
Moonlight Rod Weapons Weapons1,000
Necrotic Rod Weapons Weapons5,000
Northwind Rod Weapons Weapons7,500
Paralyse Rune Runes Runes700
Poison Bomb Rune Runes Runes85
Snakebite Rod 1Weapons Weapons500
Soulfire Rune Runes Runes46
Springsprout Rod Weapons Weapons18,000
Stone Shower Rune Runes Runes37
Terra Rod Weapons Weapons10,000
Thunderstorm Rune Runes Runes47
Underworld Rod Weapons Weapons22,000
Wand of Cosmic Energy Weapons Weapons10,000
Wand of Decay Weapons Weapons5,000
Wand of Draconia Weapons Weapons7,500
Wand of Dragonbreath Weapons Weapons1,000
Wand of Inferno Weapons Weapons15,000
Wand of Starstorm Weapons Weapons18,000
Wand of Voodoo Weapons Weapons22,000
Wand of Vortex 1Weapons Weapons500
Wild Growth Rune Runes Runes160
  • 1 First one is free.