You see Alesar
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    Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)


    Alesar is somewhat special because he is a Blue Djinn who switched sides and is working for the green djinns in Mal'ouquah now. He does not like humans, but will tolerate those who help fight for Malor and the Green Djinn.
    He and Yaman deal in strong weapons and armor for the Efreet and Green Djinn army.

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    Part of the Green Djinn Quest.
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    Trade Details


    Item   Value
    Ancient Shield 1Body Equipment Body Equipment900
    Black Shield 1Body Equipment Body Equipment800
    Bonebreaker 1Weapons Weapons10,000
    Dark Armor 1Body Equipment Body Equipment400
    Dark Helmet 1Body Equipment Body Equipment250
    Dragon Hammer 1Weapons Weapons2,000
    Dreaded Cleaver 1Weapons Weapons15,000
    Earth Knight Axe 1Weapons Weapons2,000
    Energy Knight Axe 1Weapons Weapons2,000
    Fiery Knight Axe 1Weapons Weapons2,000
    Giant Sword 1Weapons Weapons17,000
    Haunted Blade 1Weapons Weapons8,000
    Icy Knight Axe 1Weapons Weapons2,000
    Knight Armor 1Body Equipment Body Equipment5,000
    Knight Axe 1Weapons Weapons2,000
    Knight Legs 1Body Equipment Body Equipment5,000
    Mystic Turban 1Body Equipment Body Equipment150
    Onyx Flail 1Weapons Weapons22,000
    Ornamented Axe 1Weapons Weapons20,000
    Poison Dagger 1Weapons Weapons50
    Scimitar 1Weapons Weapons150
    Serpent Sword 1Weapons Weapons900
    Skull Staff 1Weapons Weapons6,000
    Strange Helmet 1Body Equipment Body Equipment500
    Titan Axe 1Weapons Weapons4,000
    Tower Shield 1Body Equipment Body Equipment8,000
    Vampire Shield 1Body Equipment Body Equipment15,000
    Warrior Helmet 1Body Equipment Body Equipment5,000


    Item   Value
    Ancient Shield 1Body Equipment Body Equipment5,000
    Dark Armor 1Body Equipment Body Equipment1,500
    Dark Helmet 1Body Equipment Body Equipment1,000
    Ice Rapier 1Weapons Weapons5,000
    Serpent Sword 1Weapons Weapons6,000


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    Alesar: What do you {want}, Player?
    Player: want
    Alesar: No chance, human. Malor doesn't want me to trade with strangers.
    Player: efreet
    Alesar: The efreet are those djinns who never fell for Daraman's insidious propaganda. I wish I would have been as smart from the start. ...
    Alesar: But errors can be corrected!
    Player: marid
    Alesar: Those among my brothers and sisters who still do not see the truth call themselves the Marid. I used to be one of them, but I left them when the truth dawned upon me. ...
    Alesar: Now I follow Malor, although I would never fight against my kind.
    Player: Malor
    Alesar: Malor is overambitious and unnecessarily cruel, but he is the only djinn who could unite our race, so I follow him. ...
    Alesar: The truth is I despise him, but that is of no importance as long as you humans will be exterminated.
    Player: humans
    Alesar: I used to have illusions about you humans. I thought humans were good, noble creatures. ...
    Alesar: I thought djinns and humans shared a destiny, and that we could live side by side peacefully. ...
    Alesar: But now I have learnt my lesson. I have had the privilege to look deep into the human mind, much deeper than most of my brothers. ...
    Alesar: And guess what! I did not like what I've seen. You are nothing but a race of cruel, perfidious bloodsuckers who hide their wickedness behind a thin layer of civilisation and so-called humanity. ...
    Alesar: Your race is a blemish on the face of Tibia. The sooner it is gone the better!
    Player: djinns
    Alesar: One day we will teach your race a lesson it will never forget.
    Player: Tibia
    Alesar: One day we djinns will rid this world of evil.
    Player: Haroun
    Alesar: Haroun? What? You know ... where do you know that name from? Did he send you?
    Player: Alesar
    Alesar: That's my name. So what!
    Player: name
    Alesar: My name is none of your business.
    Player: Gabel
    Alesar: Gabel is a kind-hearted, honest djinn. I would hate to see him die just because he believes in Daraman's lies. ...
    Alesar: After all, I believed them myself.
    Player: Daraman
    Alesar: Don't you dare mention Daraman in my presence, human. I am through with his insidious lies and through with your accursed race!
    Player: Fa'Hradin
    Alesar: Fa'hradin, that old cynic is way too smart to believe in Daraman's lies. He should reconsider his loyalties.
    Player: Bo'Ques
    Alesar: I miss Bo'ques' cooking, but not his pompous airs and graces.
    Player: Baa'Leal
    Alesar: Baa'leal is Malor's lieutenant. Unflinchingly loyal, but not quite as clever as he thinks he is.
    Player: Djema
    Alesar: Djema? Well - I suppose she is the only human I still like. But she has been brought up by djinns. Who knows - perhaps humans can learn.
    Player: Melchior
    Alesar: I remember him. He was a greedy, double-dealing hyena. As far as I know his bleached bones are now lying somewhere in the Kha'labal.
    Player: Ankrahmun or Darashia
    Alesar: I don't care about human cities. If I had it my way, they would all be burnt down today.
    Player: Pharaoh
    Alesar: The Pharaoh in Ankrahmun is a dangerous fool. Just a typical human, in other words.
    Player: Mal'ouquah
    Alesar: I don't like this place. But then it does not really matter where I am. I have a forge and I don't see any humans. That's all I need. ...
    Alesar: Of course, your presence doesn't help me to feel myself at home here.
    Player: Ashta'daramai
    Alesar: I used to live in Ashta'daramai. That was before I realised the extent of my blindness.
    Player: bye
    Alesar: Finally.