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Aldora was merged along with Arcania and Xerena into a new world Nika on August 14, 2014.

Additional Info

Players with the best skills

Golden Trophy of ExcellenceLevelSamotny Ronin505
Spellbook of Ancient ArcanaMagicCarolilla101
Great ShieldShieldingSamotny Ronin110
The DevileyeDistanceAteriel Method121
The EpiphanySwordVaul Zita112
Dark Trinity MaceClubKabahad113
Solar AxeAxeSamotny Ronin113
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistHaxaxer80
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingAneczka-Piwnica89
GamemasterAchievementsLady Saggita672

Bosses Killed

Ghazbaran Ghazbaran

loot : unknown

  • 2nd 21 Jun 2009, blocked by -Unknown-

Loot : Great Mana Potion, Gold Ring, 15 Platinum Coins, Demonic Essence, Blue Tome, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Death Ring, Mind Stone, Small Diamond, Bonebreaker, Crystalline Armor.

Loot : Demonic Essence, 34 Platinum Coins, Gold Ring, Great Spirit Potion, Glacier Kilt, 39 Assassin Stars, 5 Small Sapphires, Mind Stone, Death Ring, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries.

Morgaroth Morgaroth

  • 1st 02 Mar 2008, The boss was not defeated.
  • 2nd 19 Jun 2008, blocked by Rhyu

Loot : 238 Gold Coins, 2 Demonic Essences, 5 Black Pearls, 4 Small Emeralds, Might Ring, Fire Axe.

  • 3nd 19 Jul 2009, blocked by Nifheim

Loot : 27 Platinum Coins, Morgaroth's Heart, Demonic Essence, The Ironworker, Might Ring, Golden Mug, 8 Small Amethysts, The Stomper, Dark Lord's Cape, Great Mana Potion, Blue Gem.

Orshabaal Orshabaal

Loot : Demon Shield, Moonlight Rod.

General Information

  • First big war happened in 2005, and was Black Widows vs Dark Roses + Sacrifice. The guild Black Widows had advantage at begin because they had more members, but Masakrowiec + Nemtor + Eli Stormstriker made the difference on war, Kiperlana, leader of the Black Widows survived on server for 3 months with his Spanish team but couln't stop Sacrifice, more and more ppl was uping and joining the war till it ended.
  • At 2006 Nemtor left the Eternal March and founded the Chosen Ones, some time later the Eternal March declared war on the Anima, war was fast and resulted in the Anima's getting hunted.
  • By late 2007 the Guild Chosen Ones (CO) was led by Nemtor, Master Sorcerer and highest level for some time, in a war. CO, mainly supported by the guild Anima, defeated the famous guild Eternal March (EM) founded by the former highest level Eli Stormstriker, Elite Knight, who quit playing actively before the War came to an end. EM members stated that the main reason of CO's victory was the large number of members they had.
  • By middle 2008 the guild Anima (supported by others guilds) defeated the guilds Eternal March and Chosen Ones in a War. Many complaints against Anima were posted on Aldora's Forum including: Power Abuse, Thieving, Kicking people from Hunting Grounds, etc. At the end, Anima invited players from Furora and Kyra and won the war, making Eternal March and Chosen Ones the hunted ones.
  • At the end of 2008 a new war begun between Anima vs. Danse Macabre and Eternal March. None of these guilds are particularly despised by the community, with both sides having their "supporters", EM and DM was winning the war till the Chosen Ones joined in on the Anima's side of the war, and at the end they were the one being victorious in the war.
  • In the beginning of 2009 the Anima and the Chosen Ones won the war.
  • In 2010 the Chosen Ones declared war again against the Anima. CO allies with the Eternal March again, the war was short and ends with the Anima's getting hunted. After some time the CO also hunted the EM taking power alone.
  • in 10th August 2012 alliance from servers Thoria, Isara, Pandoria and Iridia made one of biggest masstransfers in Tibia, around 80 characters move at the same server save to take over Aldora. Leaders formed guild Blitz. First war mode they won ( it was the biggest war mode in tibia, over 4k frags in 3 days), second they disban because of no activity from leaders. Now they are fighting against Chosen Ones as long as old leading guild will be defeated.
  • In Jan 2013 the old leading guild ( Chosen Ones ) didn't lose his throne, the second masstransfers has been arrived again, around 50 characters moved to Aldora Leaders former guild Showland for helping Chosen Ones fight against Blitz, after some time the guild CO won the war and take back Aldora Under his rule, Blitz returned to their worlds such as the army defeated .
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