You see Albinius
  • Walk in the light of Shaper wisdom!
  • Our ways are the ways of the Shapers.


The Halls of Hope, north of Thais.


You can give him Heavy Old Tomes in order to contribute in the rebuilding of the Halls of Hope.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Heavy Old Tome Household Items Household Items30


This NPC does not sell any items.


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Player: hi
Albinius: Greetings, pilgrim. Welcome to the halls of hope. We are the keepers of this {temple} and welcome everyone willing to contribute.
Player: temple
Albinius: The temple has been restored to its former glory, yet we strife to live and praise in the {Shaper} ways. Do you still need me to take some old {tomes} from you my child?
Player: tomes
Albinius: The {Shapers} have been eager to share and document their wisdom in any way possible. They knew many ways of preserving information, some of them probably not yet known to or even understandable by us ...
Albinius: Right now the most helpful records of the {Shapers} are the various tomes they wrote. You may still find some of them in the vicinity of Thais, some locked away in old chests, others robbed by feral creatures. ...
Albinius: They surely use them for terrible profane purposes so getting them back would be a service to the Shapers. Furthermore these tomes might contain everything we need to finish the {temple}.
Player: Shapers
Albinius: The Shapers were an advanced civilisation, well versed in art, construction, language and exploration of our world in their time. ...
Albinius: The foundations of this temple are testament to their genius and advanced understanding of complex problems. They were master craftsmen and excelled in magic.
Player: name
Albinius: I am Albinius, a worshipper of the {Astral Shapers}.
Player: job
Albinius: I find ways to unveil the secrets of the stars. Judging by this question, I doubt you follow my weekly publications concerning this research.
Player: time
Albinius: Precisely time.
Player: bye
Albinius: Farewell, my child.

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