Alawar has hidden his treasure, which is guarded by his fierce minotaurs and dangerous magical fields.



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  • Travel money (at least 20gp)
  • Pick or equivalent
  • One Destroy Field Rune if you take the short path
  • Key 4503 (if already received, long path only)
  • Key 4502 (if already received, or for short path (only for full rewards))


This quest has two parts: the long path is though Folda and the short path is through Senja.

The short path will grant you the minor rewards: 3 White Pearls and a Broadsword. If you have Key 4502 in advance, you can also receive: Dark Helmet, 4 Throwing Knives, Blank Rune, 33gp and Key 4502.

The long path grants you all rewards, including the key 4503. This does not require Key 4502 but if you have already received it, you should bring it (or you may be trapped).


Short Path (Senja)

  • Go to Senja via the raft north of Carlin (20gp, ferry here).
  • Enter the Senja Castle cellar (here).
  • Cross the fields to the far west and find a lever beneath fire. Use a Destroy Field rune to reveal a lever.
  • Pull the lever and it will vanish, the magic walls to the north will also have disappeared.
  • Enter the Magic Forcefield to enter Alawar's Vault. Beware Minotaurs and a Minotaur Mage - unless the door is locked they will be able to reach you.
  • Open the 2 chests by the teleporter to receive your reward.
  • Go back through the teleporter to appear on the top of the castle. Alternatively if you brought key 4502, follow the long path (below) backwards for the rest of the rewards.

Alawars Vault Lever.gif

Long Path (Folda)

Alawars Vault Route.png

There are many routes, but this is the quickest:

  • Follow the dark green lines to find a chest with Key 4503.
  • Backtrack to the light green line, follow it and use Key 4503 to the protected area.
  • Use Pick on the fire at the end of the line.
  • Follow the map above, or:
    • From the start of the cave, follow south-west until you come to a room with Minotaurs. Where south-west is not an option, follow south-east.
    • To the west, get Key 4503 from a chest in the western room.
    • Backtrack and find the protected area. Enter with Key 4503 and follow to the fire fields.
    • Use pick on the fire field against the wall, between stone piles
    • Go down the hole. Note: you cannot return here! You'll fall two levels down, with the second level being 1 sqm with only a hole. The only way to return is to complete the quest.
Alawar's Quest Route.png

Follow the green line to get Key 4501, Key 4502 and then follow it to Alawar's Vault.

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