The orcs in Edron have started breeding giant spiders and are becoming a serious threat. The town needs a hero to stop them.


Edron Orc Cave


Terra Amulet

Required Equipment


Go to Daniel Steelsoul and ask him for a mission (and accept it with yes). Your mission is to infiltrate the Edron Orc Cave and destroy 4 Spider Eggs.

In order to reach the Edron Orc Cave, go to the Edron Flats, which is just south of the Edron Castle, and find a Sewer Grate. Follow the sewer to the surface on the other side.

On the surface you will face Poison Spiders, Orcs, Orc Spearmen and a few Orc Warriors. Go south and find the entrance to the Edron Orc Cave (here). Check your minimap if you can't find it; it is concealed beneath a mountain.

On the first floor of the cave you will face the same monsters but with more Orc Warriors. When you enter, your path may be blocked by a rock. In this case, use the Lever to remove the rock. Fight your way to the south end of the floor and go down the hole.

On the next floor you will face the same monsters and maybe 1-2 lured Orc Berserkers. Go to the west until you find a hole. Instead of going down the hole, go north and then east in the first room. Go down the hole in this room.

As soon as you drop down the hole you will be surrounded by several Orc Shamans and their summons. Clear the room and head west, turning north when you can and follow the path north across Black Marble Floor Tiles. Drop down the hole.

Tip: use area attack runes like Great Fireball to clear the Orc Shamans and their summons.

You will be greeted by many Poison Spiders, Orc Shamans and even Orc Leaders. Go north and you will find a large pit with Giant Spider in it. Go down the ramp on the north-east side of the pit to enter, and kill the Giant Spider. Now use a melee weapon or a Firebug on the Spider Webs on the wall to destroy them and open a path to the Spider Eggs. Use the Spider Eggs to destroy them. When you destroy them, a Giant Spider will spawn a fair distance behind you. Kill the giant spider and proceed to destroy the other spider eggs. Destroy all 4 eggs and your mission is done. If you are not alone, you will have to wait for the Spider Eggs to regenerate as there are only enough eggs for 1 player.

You can exit the cave now, or you can do the other quests that are in the same cave. These quests are:

When done, talk to Daniel Steelsoul about your mission and he will reward you.


Player: Hello
Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor be with you, Player!
Player: Mission
Daniel Steelsoul: Very good, we need heroes like you to go on a suici.....er....to earn respect of the authorities here AND in addition get a great reward for it. Are you interested in the job?
Player: Yes
Daniel Steelsoul: Very well, maybe you know that the orcs here in Edron learnt to raise giant spiders. It is going to become a serious threat. ...
Daniel Steelsoul: The mission is simple: go to the orcs and destroy all spider eggs that are hatched by the giant spider they have managed to catch. The orcs are located in the south of the western part of the island.
Player: Good bye
Daniel Steelsoul: PRAISE TO BANOR!

Player: Hello
Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor be with you, Player!
Player: Mission
Daniel Steelsoul: What? YOU DID IT?!?! That's...that's...er....<drops a piece of paper. You see the headline 'death certificate'> like I expected!! Here is your reward.
Player: Good bye
Daniel Steelsoul: PRAISE TO BANOR!

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