The advertisement channel (previously called trade channel) is the channel for in-game trading, guild recruitment, in-game event advertisement, or finding team members (e.g. for a hunt or quest). Since Update 7.9, the advertisement channel has been only available to normal players with a vocation—that is, they must be on the mainland (or the Island of Destiny and have a vocation). Tutors and CipSoft employees also have access to the advertising channel (even from Rookgaard or, in the case of a CipSoft employee on the mainland without a vocation). All players without vocation have access to the Advertising-Rookgaard Channel instead.

Since the Winter update 2010 the channel is named advertisement channel and the description on top of the channel reads:

"Here you can advertise all kinds of things. Among others, you can trade Tibia items, advertise ingame events, seek characters for a quest or a hunting group, find members for your guild or look for somebody to help you with something.
It goes without saying that all advertisements must be conform to the Tibia Rules. Keep in mind that it is illegal to advertise trades including premium time, real money or Tibia characters."

This means it is now legal to advertise other things than purely trades.

To prevent spam, the advertisement channel has a policy against sending messages more than once each 2 minutes. This applies to characters, and not whole accounts.

To access the advertising channel, players can left-click on the folder icon on the north-east corner of the client console and selecting advertisement. Alternatively, the key combination ctrl+O will open the dialog to select advertisement.

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Good advertise should contain:

  • Full name of item (it's not required, but not all Tibians know all abbreviations and optional quantity
  • Price (in gp or in K gp (K = 1000, e.g. 5K gp = 5000 gp))
  • Acceptable payment (cash, items, runes or other)
  • Place where you want to trade (city(-ies) or you can put "travel" that means you can travel to the city the other player is in).
  • You can also put "Market" to refer that your offer is available on the Market.

Be aware that some players use this channel for scamming other players. It is best to trade your items using the Trade mechanism of Tibia, rather than sending a parcel.

Make sure to read the Tibia Rules before advertising your wares.

Roleplayers may try to be creative in advertising to be more realistic or fit their role.

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