It's just like the Advertising Channel but for rookgard characters. Since characters cannot travel from the main continent to Rookgaard or vice versa to trade with each other, there is a separate advertising channel for all characters on Rookgaard.

How to use

All characters without a Vocation can search or make offers in this channel. If you have something Tibia-related you would like to advertise, this is the channel to use, you can buy and sell items in this channel, but you can also use it to look for a team to fulfil a quest or for members to your guild. Just like in the advertising channel on main, you should message the posting character if you see an interesting offer here and negotiate the price.

The Advertising-Rookgard channel can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+o - or by clicking the folder icon on the upper-right side of the console - and selecting "Advertising-Rookgard channel".

To avoid confusion the advertising-rookgard channel features an extended message delay of 2 minutes, i.e. players cannot post more than one message per 2 minutes. Of course, it is not possible for characters to post messages in the advertising-rookgard channel while they are muted.

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