The Adventurers' Guild is a society of adventurers whose mission is to provide help and information to young adventurers. They are located on an island east of Calcanea and west of Thais' Lighthouse.

Their guild can be accessed by using an Adventurer's Stone in any city's temple. Players can get their first stone on the ship at the Island of Destiny or ask any Temple NPCs for an "Adventurers' Stone".

Unique Objects
The World BoardThe World BoardWhen used, it will print information about currently active Mini World Changes in the Server Log.
Reward ChestReward ChestReward Containers that weren't looted from a corpse will appear inside this chest. Once every item inside a container is taken, it will disappear from the chest.


Adventurers' Guild NPCs (7 NPCs)
CharosCharos.gifAdventurerAdventurers' Guild
CledwynCledwyn.gifArtisanAdventurer's Guild, near the Reward Chest.
JorgeJorge.gifAdventurerAdventurers' Guild.
KeparKepar.gifAdventurerAdventurers' Guild
ZethraZethra.gifAdventurerAdventurers' Guild
Rotem ValosRotem Valos.gifAdventurerAdventurers' Guild
YanaYana.gifArtisanAdventurers' Guild.


Adventurers Guild Quests
NameMin LevelRec LevelPremLocationReward
Cartography 101 Quest0100Begin at Adventurers' Guild, then all over the Tibian lands.Achievement Cartography 101.
Hunting for Tokens Quest050+All over the Tibian lands.Trade unique items.
The Great Dragon Hunt Quest040+Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs.Red Dragon Scale once, and one of the following every time you complete the quest: 5 Platinum Coins, a Small Ruby + a Small Emerald + a Small Sapphire, a Life Ring, a Red Gem, 10 Strong Mana Potions or 8 Strong Health Potions. Upon completing the quest 10 times, the achievement Hoard of the Dragon will be awarded.
The Lost Brother Quest0200+Tiquanda, Asura Palace.3000 experience points, ability to trade with Tarun, a Red Gem, and the achievement Lost Palace Raider (if the further requirements are met).
The Tainted Souls Quest030+Tainted Caves in the Green Claw Swamp.Chance to fight Ekatrix.