Player: Hi
Adrenius: Hello, Player! What can I do for you?
Player: Name/My name is Player
Adrenius: My name is Adrenius.
Player: Time
Adrenius: Time? What is time? A word? A thing? An object?
Player: Job
Adrenius: I'm a priest of Fafnar.
Player: Fafnar
Adrenius: Fafnar is the stronger one of the two suns above our world.
Player: Suon
Adrenius: Suon is the misguided sibling of the great Fafnar. Suon's light turns pale compared to the brightness of Fafnar.
Player: King
Adrenius: Who needs a king? I don't.
Player: Thais
Adrenius: Yyyyess. Yes, it's the capital city of Tibia I think.
Player: Carlin
Adrenius: Carlin? Don't you mean Thais?
Player: Darashia
Adrenius: Even after the death of this swindler Daraman, the descendants of his followers cling to his ignorant teachings.
Player: Ankrahmun
Adrenius: Fafnar may burn this city of evil. Its heretical inhabitants and their blasphemous leader are an insult to the gods. Beware! The day of reckoning is at hand!
Player: Darama
Adrenius: The Daramian deserts are much more impressive than this one. Sadly the continent is run over by heretics of all sorts ...
Adrenius: Darashia is inhabited by the misguided followers of the so-called prophet Daraman, and Ankrahmun is a melting pot of mad and undeath worshippers.
Player: God
Adrenius: Fafnar is the greatest among the gods.
Player: Desert
Adrenius: Sand, sand and again sand. Sand all over. Yes, I'd say: it's truly a desert!
Player: Door
Adrenius: Who needs doors? Free your mind!
Player: Library
Adrenius: I heard of the library, but I never was very interested in it.
Player: Book
Adrenius: Read books, it increases your intelligence and, furthermore, it's a great source of inspiration!
Player: Offer
Adrenius: I can offer you religion and mysticism.
Player: Secret
Adrenius: Secrets ... What do you mean?
Player: Weapon
Adrenius: Who needs weapons? I never had and i never will have weapons - what for?
Player: Sword
Adrenius: Swords? Don't you have something else to do?
Player: Help
Adrenius: Help? Help? Nothing more? Don't we all demand some help?
Player: Fight
Adrenius: Leave me alone. I don't want to fight.
Player: Tower
Adrenius: The tower was built and inhabited by the great sage Jakundaf himself. It's a shame that it can be rented nowadays. People have no respect for the past!
Player: Treasure
Adrenius: Treasures? What is a treasure for you?
Player: Gharonk
22:58 Adrenius: Hmmmm... I don't know much about it.
Player: Excalibug
Adrenius: What's that? You start annoying me.
Player: Netlios
Adrenius: This fool! His book is nothing than a hoax! At least I believe that. Or did you find an answer for my questions?
Player: No
Adrenius: Oh. So once again I am proved right.
Player: Netlios
Adrenius: This fool! His book is nothing than a hoax! At least I believe that. Or did you find an answer for my questions?
Player: anything
Adrenius: You can't even say 'yes' or 'no'. You are not worth talking to me!
Player: Jakundaf
Adrenius: The sage Jakundaf has studied the nature of this desert about a generation ago. For this reason, people started to call it Jakundaf desert after a while ...
Adrenius: Before Jakundaf, the desert was just known as the wasteland. This desert isn't a natural one, rather it was created by a magical accident in a long forgotten battle ...
Adrenius: Here in the desert, Fafnar's burning eye is strong and powerful!
Player: Priest
Adrenius: I live a solitary life here to meditate and contemplate.
Player: bye
Adrenius: Good bye.

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