Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Venore
Position 127.148, 125.113, 8
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Cleric
Other Properties
Version 6.1
December 23, 2000
Status Active
You see Adrenius.
  • Hmmm, hmmm.


In a temple in the Jakundaf Desert


Adrenius is a priest of Fafnar. Before the Desert Dungeon Quest got completely spoiled, this NPC was a important part of the puzzle.
Adrenius wrote the book Dangers of Adventures Critique Adrenius (Book).

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He is very angry at Netlios's books. He will test your knowledge about the books he wrote for 500 gp. If you say "yes" but don't have 500 gp with you, he will cast Soulfire on you, damaging you for 10 hitpoints per turn for 45 turns (450 damage total). If you are around level 15, and have food with you, this should be enough to survive. If you do have the money with you and pass the test, you will earn Key 4023.

"anaso, 41, attacked by mother-bear, 117 days",
"elaeus, 39, attacked by dragon, 100 days",
"gadinius, 42, stepped in fire, 83 days",
"heso, 40, attacked by troll, 66 days",
"hestus, 38, drank poison, 134 days".

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Player: Hi
Adrenius: Hello, Player! What can I do for you?
Player: Name/My name is Player
Adrenius: My name is Adrenius.
Player: Time
Adrenius: Time? What is time? A word? A thing? An object?
Player: Job
Adrenius: I'm a priest of Fafnar.
Player: Fafnar
Adrenius: Fafnar is the stronger one of the two suns above our world.
Player: Suon
Adrenius: Suon is the misguided sibling of the great Fafnar. Suon's light turns pale compared to the brightness of Fafnar.
Player: King
Adrenius: Who needs a king? I don't.
Player: Thais
Adrenius: Yyyyess. Yes, it's the capital city of Tibia I think.
Player: Carlin
Adrenius: Carlin? Don't you mean Thais?
Player: Darashia
Adrenius: Even after the death of this swindler Daraman, the descendants of his followers cling to his ignorant teachings.
Player: Ankrahmun
Adrenius: Fafnar may burn this city of evil. Its heretical inhabitants and their blasphemous leader are an insult to the gods. Beware! The day of reckoning is at hand!
Player: Darama
Adrenius: The Daramian deserts are much more impressive than this one. Sadly the continent is run over by heretics of all sorts ...
Adrenius: Darashia is inhabited by the misguided followers of the so-called prophet Daraman, and Ankrahmun is a melting pot of mad and undeath worshippers.
Player: God
Adrenius: Fafnar is the greatest among the gods.
Player: Desert
Adrenius: Sand, sand and again sand. Sand all over. Yes, I'd say: it's truly a desert!
Player: Door
Adrenius: Who needs doors? Free your mind!
Player: Library
Adrenius: I heard of the library, but I never was very interested in it.
Player: Book
Adrenius: Read books, it increases your intelligence and, furthermore, it's a great source of inspiration!
Player: Offer
Adrenius: I can offer you religion and mysticism.
Player: Secret
Adrenius: Secrets ... What do you mean?
Player: Weapon
Adrenius: Who needs weapons? I never had and i never will have weapons - what for?
Player: Sword
Adrenius: Swords? Don't you have something else to do?
Player: Help
Adrenius: Help? Help? Nothing more? Don't we all demand some help?
Player: Fight
Adrenius: Leave me alone. I don't want to fight.
Player: Tower
Adrenius: The tower was built and inhabited by the great sage Jakundaf himself. It's a shame that it can be rented nowadays. People have no respect for the past!
Player: Treasure
Adrenius: Treasures? What is a treasure for you?
Player: Gharonk
22:58 Adrenius: Hmmmm... I don't know much about it.
Player: Excalibug
Adrenius: What's that? You start annoying me.
Player: Netlios
Adrenius: This fool! His book is nothing than a hoax! At least I believe that. Or did you find an answer for my questions?
Player: No
Adrenius: Oh. So once again I am proved right.
Player: Netlios
Adrenius: This fool! His book is nothing than a hoax! At least I believe that. Or did you find an answer for my questions?
Player: anything
Adrenius: You can't even say 'yes' or 'no'. You are not worth talking to me!
Player: Jakundaf
Adrenius: The sage Jakundaf has studied the nature of this desert about a generation ago. For this reason, people started to call it Jakundaf desert after a while ...
Adrenius: Before Jakundaf, the desert was just known as the wasteland. This desert isn't a natural one, rather it was created by a magical accident in a long forgotten battle ...
Adrenius: Here in the desert, Fafnar's burning eye is strong and powerful!
Player: Priest
Adrenius: I live a solitary life here to meditate and contemplate.
Player: bye
Adrenius: Good bye.

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