You see Admiral Wyrmslicer
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Liberty Bay Fort


Admiral Wyrmslicer is admiral of the Thaian fleet and commander of the local military and fort located on the mountain east from Liberty Bay. He thinks that it might take some time but with their guidance Liberty Bay will flourish and prosper.


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Player: hi
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Greetings, Player. Have you anything to report?
Player: report
Admiral Wyrmslicer: I heard enough of the gossip and superstitions. I am fed up with that nonsense!
Player: gossip
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Spare me the nonsense that people made up like sinister cultists, quara infiltrators, pirate hideouts voodoo curses and whatnot! ...
Admiral Wyrmslicer: I've heared it all and it is completely rubbish and a waste of my time! We have everything firmly under control. And to ensure this I warn you not to talk to the townspeople about such issues!
Player: cultistis
Admiral Wyrmslicer: The talks about the cult are getting tiresome. There is no such thing. It is only another superstition here.
Player: quara
Admiral Wyrmslicer: The quara are treacherous foes that don't fight with common tactics. This and the security of the seas, to what they can withdraw, make it difficult to handle them properly.
Player: pirate
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Pirates are vermin and we will wipe them from the map wherever they raise their ugly heads.
Player: voodoo
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Superstition! We have real sorcerers and none of them uses such prankish trickery.
Player: job
Admiral Wyrmslicer: I am admiral of the Thaian fleet and commander of this fort and the local military.
Player: Wyrmslicer
Admiral Wyrmslicer: My family is respected for many deeds of heroism. There is a well-known dragon slayer in our bloodline which earned us that name of honour.
Player: raymond striker
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Captain Striker is one of the more cunning pirates. Up to now, he managed to escape but sooner or later he will run out of luck.
Player: chondur
Admiral Wyrmslicer: I heard about that man. For some people he is some kind of father figure. If he should ever misuse that, we will take a closer look at him.
Player: thais
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Thais is of course the crown of our kingdom and the place where our hearts will belong to forever.
Player: venore
Admiral Wyrmslicer: The efforts Venore put into this city are admirable. It's only fair that they gain a certain profit from that.
Player: king
Admiral Wyrmslicer: LONG LIVE THE KING!
Player: sugar
Admiral Wyrmslicer: We need the sugar. We will ensure with everything that is at our command that the supply of sugar is kept up.
Player: rum
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Rum can be just as good for morale as it can be bad. It has to be administered with care.
Player: governor
Admiral Wyrmslicer: The governor is a fine man and I do my best to support him in all his efforts.
Player: eleonore
Admiral Wyrmslicer: This young lady truly graces Liberty Bay with her presence. It is always a pleasure to meet her.
Player: liberty bay
Admiral Wyrmslicer: It might take some time but with our guidance the city will flourish and prosper.
Player: carlin
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Sooner or later Carlin will be nothing more than a footnote in history. Look at the size of our kingdom and compare it with Carlin ...
Admiral Wyrmslicer: One day they will accept that it is better to rejoin the kingdom and to combine our efforts and resources for the good of all.
Player: charlotta
Admiral Wyrmslicer: I believe she is this old healer in town. I don't think she is happy with our presence here but she did nothing yet that would justify to arrest her.
Player: Isolde
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Competent and efficient. I give nothing about ugly rumours and she never ever betrayed the trust put into her.
Player: Theodore Loveless
Admiral Wyrmslicer: Mr. Loveless has a sharp and quick mind. If he were no trader, he would have made a great officer.
Player: Tristan
Admiral Wyrmslicer: A fine knight indeed. I am very pleased with his efforts.
Player: ferumbras
Admiral Wyrmslicer: I am not familiar with witchcraft and sorcery. Perhaps you should ask someone else.