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There has been recent activity in the local underworld. Nothing close to the usual power struggles but something far more sinister. Old faces are vanishing and new ones are showing up. Old contacts go silent and are either found dead or disappear. Others are in fear. It is hard to peek into the new darkness that enshrouds the crime world. Whatever is happening, it is happening fast and is masterfully executed. There is strong evidence that magic is at work, but certainly no magic your average mage for hire could supply. Experts from the mage gild are in awe of the evidence we have provided. They are sure that this is not guild-sanctioned magic, neither of the sorcerers' nor the druids' guild. And according to them, it is far more refined and powerful than anything some shaman or witch doctor could do. The few people we could interrogate seem to know nothing. They are afraid and confused and receive their orders from a newly established line of command, which we could not follow up very far yet. Strangely enough, crime rates have dropped significantly. But who would actively wrest control from the underworld and then not use it in a meaningful way? This leads to the disturbing conclusion that the recent events aim at something significantly bigger and far more dangerous. We have raised security measures significantly in all areas. We are also trying to re-establish our informant network and get some insight into what is happening at all. I strongly recommend spending more resources into the investigation of this matter and even more into new security measurements, especially in the field of magic.

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