Activity Record (formerly known as Gamemaster Record) is a part of My Account page for everyone with position of Tutor or above who have made any name reports or applied any banishments.

It shows status of the reported names' and banishments' cases.

It consists of six columns (in order from left to right):

  • Date (exact date of name report/banishment e.g. Jun 06 2007, 13:29:31 CEST)
  • Character (current name of the reported character)
  • Type (NameLock, AccBan, IP, Notation)
  • Reason (detailed reason of the punishment)
  • Duration (duration of ban or name report status of reported,locked,pending or renamed)
  • Gamemaster (name of the tutor/gamemaster who reported the name or applied a banishment in format Actual character (Main character), where Main character is the highest leveled one (or the one chosen by the automated system) at the moment of achieving tutor position)

The seventh column contains a [View] writing, which links to the character page of corresponding rule breaker.

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