Some Achievements are still unknown and their existence is only confirmed based on the counter that appears on the official website. Currently, there are 186 Secret Achievements (SA), 4 of which are unknown. This page's aim is to list them according to their release date and provide a useful start point for those trying new ideas.

For lists of things tried by players, check Talk:Achievements. There are also useful information on the Achievements Thread and on a similar thread on GuildStats' forum.

Update Implemented SA Unknown SA Unknown IDs Notes
Summer Update 2010 (8.6) 45 1 36 Achievements were first implemented with this update.
Autumn Patch 2010 (8.62) 32 1 122 A batch of achievements was implemented.
Winter Update 2010 (8.7) 32 1 195 Some minor quests and World Quests were implemented.
Summer Update 2011 (9.1) 11 1 216 or 220 Introduction of World Changes and implementation of the following Unobtainable Items: Babel Swimmer, Golden Scorpion Pendant, Armageddon Plans and Small Whistle.
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