Banishments are the most common form of punishment in Tibia. Banishments are issued for violations of the Tibia Rules and can last from one day to thirty days, excluding all characters of the banished account from the game and from posting on the forum for that time. The length of the banishment is determined by previous criminal record entries, the rule broken, and the severity of the violation. Trifling violations are often given notations, or warnings. Banishments for severe violations like cheating, hacking, using unofficial software, and account sharing are almost always issued thirty day banishments, if not an outright account deletion. Banishments for intermediate offenses are typically three, seven, or fifteen days long. Note that all thirty day banishments are automatically accompanied by a final warning, so future criminal record entries will result in an account deletion.

A special type of account banishment is from a charge back for a premium time payment. If the payment for premium time is canceled after the premium time has been activated and used, the player will be banished until the payment is repaid. Players experiencing billing troubles should not activate the premium time until the payment has been confirmed. Too many charge backs may result in an account deletion, so problems with them should be quickly addressed on the billing board or by contacting customer support.

An example of a banishment that has expired:

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