To play Tibia, you need to create an account on the Tibia website.
Through your account, you create characters to play on the tibian worlds with. These characters can:

  • have a unique name
  • follow one of four different vocations
  • be either male or female, and
  • have different outfits

all according to your tastes.

You handle your account through the account interface. There you can manage your characters and give out some personal details, such as

  • your name
  • Your location
  • any messages you want to be viewed (free text area)

The account interface is also the place where you change your account's name and email adress, and buy your premium membership. It's also where your criminal record is kept.
Some parts of the account are visable to the general public on a character (not account) basis.

Those are:

Character Information

  • Name (of the specific character displayed)
  • Sex
  • Vocation (whether you're promoted or not and what vocation you follow)
  • Level
  • Achievement Points
  • World
  • Residence (which town you have chosen as your hometown)
  • Married to (which character you have married in-game.
  • Guild membership
  • Last login (for the specific character, not the account)
  • Comment (any comment you want)
  • Account Status (Free or Premium Account)

Account Achievements Here it can be displayed up to 5 achievements that you have earned through your tibian journey.

Account Information

Note: This section used to display more information like your name and location, but this was changed as a privacy improvement.

Character Information

The name of the different characters that you have created.

Note: you can hide characters from this list if you want to in the account manager.

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