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Access quests are quests which rewards permanent access to a significant feature of the game, such as an area or the ability to trade with NPCs. Some of these quests are the most important for a character's development.

Note that some of these quests reward the "access" in parts, some give you access before you complete the quest, and some quests may not have given access unless you did the quest after the access reward was implemented (namely, The Pits of Inferno Quest).

Access Quests
NameMin LevelRec LevelPremLocationReward
A Pirate's Tail Quest0250Venore, Rascacoon, The WreckoningKrakoloss mount, Snowbash, Mossmasher, Sandscourge or Bladespark Familiar (depending on the vocation) and its respective figurine, basic Rascoohan Outfits and the achievements Pied Piper and Release the Kraken.
Bigfoot's Burden Quest80120Gnomegate and Gnomebase AlphaAccess to the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System (GCTS), Gnomegate, Gnomebase Alpha and their hunting areas including the Warzones; 24 Achievements (46 total points), Minor and Major Crystalline Tokens, Gnomish Supply Packages, Some Golden Fruits and several Warzone rewards.
Blood Brothers Quest4070+Yalahar, Vengoth.Access to Vengoth including the castle, Vampiric Crest or Yalaharian Outfits addon, 13200 exp (5 times 1000 exp, 1200 exp, 2400 exp and 3600 exp) also a Blood Goblet.
Formorgar Mines Hoist Quest0120Formorgar Mines, Near SvargrondFloor Plan of the Formorgar Mines (Book), Instructions to the Formorgar Mines Hoist (Book), and being able to use the Hoist at Formorgar Mines.
In Service of Yalahar Quest80120+Edron, Liberty Bay, Yalahar.Passage into the innermost area and through the gates to the city quarters; 5 Platinum Coins, choose between Yalahari Mask, Yalahari Armor and Yalahari Leg Piece, and base Yalaharian Outfits Outfit Yalaharian Male Outfit Yalaharian Female.
Liquid Black Quest0130+Gray Beach, Fiehonja, Edron.Access to deeper parts of Fiehonja including Manta Rays and Deepling Guardians, a few random items such as: True Heart of the Sea, 10 Platinum Coins, Necklace of the Deep, Deepling Backpack, Heavy Trident, Deepling Staff and others, achievements Gem Cutter, Navigational Error, Spolium Profundis and contribution to the achievements Invader of the Deep, Death Song, Depth Dwellers, Guardian Downfall; also Deepling Outfit and addons: Outfit Deepling Male Addon 3Outfit Deepling Female Addon 3
Shadows of Yalahar Quest75100+Various, starts in EdronGolem Wrench, access to Modified Gnarlhound, Golem Disassembler, 5 Platinum Coins, ability to trade with Telas, 25,000 experience, achievement Golem in the Gears.
The Ape City Quest0130+Various; begins in TiquandaPossibility of being healed by Hairycles, ability to buy Bananas, Monkey Statue (No Hearing), Monkey Statue (No Seeing) and Monkey Statue (No Speaking), Shaman Outfits and permission to go to Forbidden Lands and Deeper Banuta.
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction4050+Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Marids and Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun and Yalahar and possibility to start a blue djinn hunting task.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction4050+Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress)3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Efreet and Green Djinns in Ankrahmun and Yalahar and possibility to start a green djinn hunting task.
The Dream Courts Quest250250Edron, Feyrist, Tyrsung, Tiquanda, Outlaw Camp, Darama, Court of Summer, Court of Winter and the Dream Labyrinth.Access to the Court of Summer, to the Court of Winter and to the Dream Labyrinth, ability to imbue Boots with Powerful Vibrancy, Achievements Tied the Knot, Keeper of the 7 Keys, Dream Catcher, Champion of Summer and Champion of Winter and base Dream Warrior Outfits Outfit Dream Warrior Male Outfit Dream Warrior Female
The Explorer Society Quest0110+Begins in Port Hope or Northport, but requires travel throughout Tibia.Ice Pick, Spectral Stone, 6 Orichalcum Pearls, 1 Crown Backpack, 5250 gp, the ability to buy Atlases, Orichalcum Pearls and Crown Backpacks. You can use the teleporters between Port Hope and Northport, and between Liberty Bay and Svargrond which works having an Orichalcum Pearl. You have the ability to travel to Calassa and the Frozen Trench, and hunt underwater. You will also receive the achievements Just in Time (if the further requirements are met), Explorer and Sea Scout.
The Hidden City of Beregar Quest0 (100 For The Firewalker Boots Part)60+Beregar, Fenrock, Mistrock, Ab'dendriel, Yalahar, Venore, Kazordoon.Access to the Beregar Mines, Rusted Armor, Gold Ingot, 3 Small Topaz, Crystal of Focus, Firewalker Boots, 10 Brown Mushrooms, Dwarven Legs and the ability to buy Rust Remover.
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest6161Sea Serpent Area, SvargrondAccess to Sea Serpent Spawns.
The Ice Islands Quest0100+SvargrondNorseman Outfit, access to the Formorgar Mines, Helheim, Tyrsung, ability to use the dogsleds from Nibelor to Inukaya, ability to become a citizen of Svargrond, including talking to the arena, boat and more NPCs.
The Inquisition Quest100150+Various, starts in ThaisDemon Hunter Outfit and addons Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 3 Outfit Demon Hunter Female Addon 3, access to the deeper Demon Forge areas, ability to buy the Blessing of the Inquisition, 3 achievements (High Inquisitor, Master of the Nexus and Demonbane), and your choice of one of the following: Emerald Sword, Hellforged Axe, Obsidian Truncheon, Warsinger Bow, Royal Crossbow, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Master Archer's Armor, Fireborn Giant Armor or Robe of the Underworld.
The Isle of Evil Quest3550Kazordoon, Yalahar, Liberty Bay, Northport, Isle of Evil, ThaisAccess to the Isle of Evil, Isle of Evil (Book), Mechanical Fishing Rod, Fan Doll of King Tibianus, 6666 Experience Points, achievements Worm Whacker and King Tibianus Fan.
The New Frontier Quest77*(for the last mission only)110+Farmine, Zao, Kazordoon, Edron, Venore, Thais, Port Hope, Isle of Strife.Tome of Knowledge, Piggy Bank, 2 Gold Ingots, Bullseye Potion, Mastermind Potion and Berserk Potion, access to the southern and central parts of Zao, base Warmaster Outfit Outfit Warmaster Male Outfit Warmaster Female
The Pits of Inferno Quest80130+Pits of Inferno, under the Plains of Havoc; entrance near the Necromant House.Access to the Hub Shortcut, ability to finish The Inquisition Quest, 100 Platinum Coins, Soft Boots, Backpack of Holding (containing a Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing), Silver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death), Silver Rune Emblem (Explosion) and Silver Rune Emblem (Heavy Magic Missile)), Stuffed Dragon, Frozen Starlight, Ceremonial Ankh, achievement Ruthless and choose between: Arcane Staff/Avenger/Arbalest.
The Postman Missions Quest025Begins in Kevin's office at the Tibia Postal Service Headquarters, but takes you all over Tibia.Cheaper parcels (10 gp), letters (5 gp), boat fares (10 gp cheaper). 6k discount in The Thieves Guild Quest. Use of locked mailboxes, Post Officer's Hat, Post Horn and the achievement Archpostman.
The Secret Library Quest250500+ for the Secret Library bossesCormaya, Asura Palace, Ancient Ancestorial Grounds, Falcon Bastion, Deep Desert, The Extension Site and the Secret Library.Access to the Falcon Bastion, Deep Desert (Elite Skeletons), Ancient Ancestorial Grounds (Deathlings), The Extension Site (Thais Museum), underground Asura Palace and the Secret Library, as well as a Bone Fiddle, the basic Battle Mage Outfits and the Battle Mage and Library Liberator achievements.
The Shattered Isles Quest2065+Liberty Bay, Meriana, Goroma, Nargor, EdronAbility to travel to Goroma from Liberty Bay, access to Meriana, access to Laguna Islands, access to Nargor, access to Morgaroth's lair, access to Ramoa, access to Talahu, access to Malada, access to Ferumbras Citadel where Ferumbras spawns. Model Ship and Pirate Outfits.
Matchmaker achievement and satisfy 1 out of 2 conditions for the Animal Activist achievement. Ability to start a quest to trade with Marina.
The Thieves Guild Quest070+Thais, Carlin, Outlaw Camp, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Dark CathedralAbility to trade with Black Bert and one of the following items: a Modified Crossbow, a Spellbook of Warding or an Assassin Dagger, achievements: Amateur Actor and Master Thief
The Travelling Trader Quest050+Svargrond, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Ankrahmun, Darashia, Edron and Carlin. Missions also take you to Outlaw Camp, Kazordoon, Ab'Dendriel and the inner parts of Tiquanda.Ability to trade with Rashid, achievement Recognised Trader.
The White Raven Monastery Quest045+Near Carlin, (Ghostlands and the Isle of the Kings)Blessed Ankh, Family Brooch, access to the Isle of the Kings
Threatened Dreams Quest30100Fields of Glory, Poacher Caves, Edron, Cormaya, Ulderek's Rock, Venore, Darashia, the Devourer, Feyrist, Candia, and more.Access to Feyrist, Butterfly Ring, 5 Ancient Coins, 5 Rainbow Quartzes, Blossom Bag, Sun Catcher, Moon Mirror, Starlight Vial and Swan Feather Cloak.
Tomes of Knowledge Quest0100+Zao, Chazorai, Dragonblaze Peaks, Farmine, Muggy Plains and Zzaion.Ability to buy Dragon Tapestry, Minotaur Backpack, Dragon Backpack, War Drum, Didgeridoo, trade with Esrik and Pompan, enter Zao Palace and Corruption Hole...
Wrath of the Emperor Quest80 (Expertise door during mission 8)130+Primarily Zao including the Zao Rebel Camp and Razachai, BanutaSpiritual Charm, Black Jade Cobra, 100 Platinum Coins, 10 Crystal Coins, 10 Red Dragon Scales, 5 Gold Ingots, 10 Black Pearls, Blue Gem, Dragon Backpack, Jewelled Backpack, choose between Elite Draken Helmet, Royal Draken Mail, or Royal Scale Robe, access to, and ability to use teleports to, Razachai, the Rebel Camp, and the Inner Sanctum, Wayfarer Outfits without addons:
Outfit Wayfarer Male Outfit Wayfarer Female